Infinite Conferencing Review

Infinite Conferencing Review Summary:

Infinite Conferencing ranks well in our rating. Allows upto 1,000 participants, full duplex support so that everyone easily hear each other during meetings, full video conferencing support, and easy one click meeting invitations. Also instantly invites participant to online meeting by quick email-link.


– Can accommodate up to 1,000 participants in one web conferencing session via a quick email-link.

– It provides full audio duplex support that result in less broken conversations. 

– Unique URLs for each of your meetings ensure that only invited people are able to access the web conferencing. Also, all files and chat messages exchanged during meeting are encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption.

– Also offers remote IT support for rectifying any problem during a conference.

– It is simple to use for both hosts and participants.



– Currently does not have the ability to embed videos. For that we recommend GoToMeeting.

– Also, its pricing is complex.


Infinite Conferencing Online Ratings

Category Score Why
Overall Rating:   Infinite Conferencing is a good tool for organizing business meetings. With its advanced support for upto 1000 participants, it really serves its purpose well.
Usability:   It is easy to use for both host and participant. Its toolbar allows publishing and recording presentations on mouse-click.
Audio Quality:   Offers full duplex support thus having minimum broken conversations. Provides good audio streaming and broadcasting.
Video Quality:   Offers multi-point video display along-with adjustable video frame output. Overall the quality was good.
Collaboration features:   Good collaboration features.
Presentation features:   Enhanced presentation features.
Mobile features:   No native mobile applications.


What We Like About Infinite Conferencing

– One click publishing of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files

– Ease in passing control during meeting

– Provides details of participants in meeting along with total meeting time. This helps in budgeting future online meetings.


What We Don’t Like About Infinite Conferencing

– Can’t embed videos at this point of time


Infinite Conferencing Features


– Per Minute Based Plan ($0.06 per minute per connection)

– Flat Rate Plans

– Pay As You Go

Free Trial Yes – 30 Days 
Meeting capacity  1000 attendees 
Desktop Sharing:  Yes 
Desktop Recording:  Yes 
VOIP  Yes 
Control Granting  Yes 
Video Conferencing  Yes 
Private Chat  Yes 
Annotation Tools:  Yes 

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