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imeetiMeet Review Summary – iMeet is an easy to use web conferencing application, with a unique user interface and personality.

Pros – Beautiful user interface. Easy to start and control a meeting. Easy to bridge into a teleconference. Fast customer support. Nice personalization features. No software to download or install (Flash based).

Cons – No control granting. No annotation tools. No mobile application for Android. Can share documents and web pages, but no application sharing. No meeting recordings.

iMeet Ratings

Category Score Why
Overall Rating: iMeet overall rating - 3 out of 5 stars iMeet’s has a fun and new paradigm for web conferencing. The idea behind the user interface is to make meetings more personal.
Usability: iMeet's usability rating - 5 out of 5 stars We love iMeet’s user interface. It’s simple, clean, and easy for even novices to use.
Audio quality: iMeet's audio quality - 4 out of 5 stars The audio sounded good in our tests.
Video quality: iMeet's video quality - 4 out of 5 stars The video looked ok for video conferencing, but the video for desktop sharing looked below average.
Collaboration features: iMeet's collaboration features - 2 out of 5 stars iMeet’s top weakness is collaboration. It works well for broadcasting, video conferencing, and teleconference, but it falls short in the collaboration department. iMeet’s missing critical collaboration tools we’ve come to rely on for our web meetings.
Presentation features: iMeet's presentation features - 2.5 out of 5 stars iMeet’s presentation features are easy to use, but the lack of application-level sharing is disappointing.
Mobile features: iMeet's mobile application features - 3 out of 5 stars iMeet has iOS mobile clients that allow you to join as an attendee, but there’s no Android mobile clients. They’re missing more than half the mobile market by not including Android.

What We Like About iMeet

Beautiful user interface – You can tell the iMeet team invested a lot of time in user interface design. The application is smooth, easy to use, and requires no training.

Personalization – One of the problems with online meetings is that they can feel impersonal at times. iMeet attempts to solve that problem by giving everybody a personalized profile. You can upload a photo, take one on the fly, or use an avatar. You can also connect your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. This is a nice way to break the ice with new meeting attendees or clients.

Address Book integration – You can upload your existing address book, and invite them to your meetings. This is way more convenient than copying and pasting meeting emails back and forth.

Speed and Performance – The application was responsive. We didn’t notice any lag with the audio or video performance.

What We Don’t Like About iMeet

No application sharing – iMeet works well for sharing documents and web pages, but if you want to share applications, or your entire desktop, you need an online meeting service like GoToMeeting.

No meeting recording – One of our favorite web conferencing features is recording meetings. Sometimes it’s not possible for everyone to be on the web conference. When this happens, it’s nice to be able to send them a recorded version of the meeting. It’s also nice for follow up. Unfortunately, iMeet is missing this important feature.

No Android clients – iMeet has an iPad application, but no Android application. Considering that Android is the #1 smartphone platform, I’m surprised they didn’t build this first.

No annotation/collaboration tools – When you’re showing a design or software package, it’s nice to be able to highlight specific buttons or features with annotation tools (highlighters, big arrows, notes, etc.) iMeet is lacking basic annotation/collaboration tools.

No control granting – One of our favorite GoToMeeting features is control granting. Being able to look at meeting attendees screens, especially during product walk-throughs and demonstrations is crucial. This feature is lacking in iMeet.

iMeet Features

Pricing: $39/mo  (free voip/per min phone charges) or $69/mo (unlimited voip and phone)
Mobile Clients: iPad – no Android support.
Free Trial: Yes – 30 days.
Meeting Capacity: 15
Desktop Sharing: Yes, but it’s limited to documents and web pages. No application sharing at this time.
Desktop Recording: No
Control Granting: No
Video Conferencing: Yes
Chat: Group and private chat.
Annotation Tools: No

Our Conclusion About iMeet

Our initial impressions with iMeet were very positive. We really liked the beautiful user interface, the customization features, and the simplicity of the online meeting software. But as we started our meeting, we started to note all of the important features missing. If your meeting needs are extremely basic, iMeet is a great option. If you need more advanced functionality, we recommend checking out some of our top web conferencing recommendations.

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Reviewed by: Jeremy Palmer
Reviewed on: November 2011