Cisco Spark vs Webex

Cisco is a front-runner in internet communications, firmly taking the position of marketplace leader when it comes to online collaboration tools. We’re of course, referring to the WebEx video communication platform and also Cisco’s Spark.

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Webex vs Gotomeeting

If you’re reading this article chances are you’re familiar with virtual meeting software or at least somewhat curious. Maybe you’ve read about it, or maybe you know someone who’s company uses it. The virtual conferencing space market is expected to exceed $11 billion by 2023, so you’re certainly not alone in your curiosity.

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Mobile Meetings with Fuze Meeting

Mobile Meetings with Fuze Meeting
Mobile Meetings with Fuze Meeting

Learn how to setup a mobile meeting with Fuze Meeting

The future of online meetings has arrived. Sitting down in front of a computer monitor to attend a meeting is so yesterday. With Fuze Meeting you can now attend online meetings from your iPhone or Blackberry device.

How many times have you been stuck in traffic, or caught up in another meeting, and realize that you’re running late for an important online meeting? It happens to me every week.

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GoToMeeting HDFaces

One thing that really stands out about GoToMeeting is the quality of their video and audio service. I found this video on Youtube that illustrates just how good GoToMeeting HDFaces is.

As you can see there are no noticeable delays, flickers, or buffering issues with the video.

What is GoToMeeting HDFaces

GoToMeeting realized that face to face interactions are important. It’s one of the main reasons people setup meetings. In the past, web conferencing software consisted of  voice, text, and screen sharing for collaboration. The key component missing from online meetings was faces.

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GoToMeeting vs. WebEx – Customer Satisfaction

GoToMeeting vs. WebEx

When we review online meeting services we go out of our way to measure and evaluate vendors objectively. When we’re comparing features side by side, this is easy to do. But measuring subjective things like audio/video quality, reliability, and customer support is a lot harder to measure.

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GlobalMeet vs GoToMeeting


GlobalMeet is one of the most recommended web conferencing services available in market today. It belongs to the same company that develops iMeet – PGi.

It has all the essential features that any web user might expect in an online meeting tool. Its user interface is good and decent. Also, it is quite easy to setup a meeting. Have a good quality audio and video output.

Major flaws that we found were that it doesn’t support Android devices. Also its annotation tools are quite weak.

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Microsoft Lync vs GoToMeeting

Microsoft Lync:

‘Lync Online’ is meeting service from Microsoft. It is a decent online tool for those who are thoroughly attached to using Microsoft products.

It has a good meeting support for up to 250 attendees. It has also shown dependable audio and video support too.

Although from Microsoft’s stable, it is better suited to where everyone operates on similar hardware and software.

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iLinc vs GoToMeeting


iLinc is an easy to use web conferencing application. It has good video quality and real-time screen sharing. It is loaded with video & audio conferencing features and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

iLinc offers good video conferencing features along-with participation meters and private chat features.

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iMeet vs GoToMeeting


iMeet is a convenient web conferencing platform. It has a good user-interface along-with nice meeting features.

It has good usability that makes it easy to participate in meetings. Also has instant customer support along-with some great personalization features. It is flash based, so it removes the need to download and install any software.

However, it doesn’t support Android mobile clients. Also, meetings cannot be recorded.

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Intercall vs GoToMeeting


Intercall is one of the most basic web conferencing services available in market today. Its interface is good and is not at all confusing. It has simple yet some very good features.

Being flash-based, no installation of plugins or software is required to run the program. It has alright audio and video outputs. Have native applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry but all have limited functionality.

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