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Go Meet NowReview Summary – Go Meet Now (not to be confused with GoToMeeting) is a RHUB reseller. Their software platform can’t be differentiated from any other RHUB licensor. RHUB has worked hard to copy other popular online meeting services (GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect), but they’re missing key ingredients. Everything about their service, including their name (GoMeetNow) is a cheap knock-off.

Pros – The whiteboard application is powerful. You can transfer files to attendees.

Cons – The user interface is dated, and feels disconnected. No mobile applications. Screen sharing starts when the meeting does. The meeting recordings are encoded in a proprietary format. The recording quality is poor.

Go Meet Now Ratings

Category Score Why
Overall Rating: 2.5 stars Go Meet Now feels like it was sloppily pieced together from other online meeting services.
Usability: 4 stars The user interface is somewhat dated, but it’s functional.
Audio quality: 3 stars The audio pickup was overly sensitive in our testing. We had our microphone set at the default level.
Video quality: 3 stars Average video quality.
Collaboration features: 4 stars The whiteboard feature is one of the few bright spots.
Presentation features: 3 stars The presentation features are basic, but they work well.
Mobile features: 1 stars There’s no mobile applications.

What We Like About Go Meet Now

Send files to attendees – We like that you can actively push files to meeting attendees. This is helpful when you want to distribute your PDF or presentation to everyone in attendance.

Powerful whiteboard application – The white board application is feature-rich. You can pull up a dedicated whiteboard for instant collaboration.

What We Don’t Like About Go Meet Now

Price to value ratio – You pay $12.95/mo for 1 host and 1 attendee. If you need web conferencing software for two people, just use Skype or Join.me (both are free). If you’re looking for a more robust solution, check out our top 3 services.

No mobile applications – One of the primary benefits of web conferencing is the ability to be mobile. Not having a mobile application is severely limiting.

Disconnected user interface – Go Meet Now’s website looks a lot like Citrix GoToMeeting, right down to the button styles and colors. The host software also has an uncanny resemblance to GoToMeeting, albeit not nearly as good. The attendee interface mimics Adobe Connect. I’m not sure why they didn’t try to make the user experience more cohesive.

The recordings are low quality and proprietary – We were excited to learn that you could record meetings to your local desktop, but we were disappointed when we found out they’re encoded in a proprietary format. The audio quality of the recording was also subpar.

Nothing stands out – It’s clear that RHUB doesn’t believe in innovation and quality. Why build something new when you piece together a mediocre application from existing services?

Go Meet Now Features

Pricing:  $12.95/mo for 1 host and 1 attendee.
Mobile Clients:  No
Free Trial: Yes
Meeting Capacity: Depends on how many seats you purchase. The basic plan only accommodates two meeting participants. You can buy additional seats in 5 seat increments for an additional $5/mo.
Desktop Sharing:  Yes
Desktop Recording: Yes
Control Granting: Yes
Video Conferencing: Yes
Private Chat: Yes
Annotation Tools: Yes – includes powerful whiteboard application.

Our Conclusion About Go Meet Now

Don’t waste your time or money. Research our top online meeting services.

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Reviewed by: Jeremy Palmer
Reviewed on: November 2011