iLinc Review

ilincReview Summary – iLinc is an easy to use web conferencing application that has all the features you need (and many you don’t).

Pros – Advanced recording and editing features. Shared web browsing. Multi-point video.

Cons – Licensing and pricing models are confusing. Expensive compared to other online meeting applications. Lacks a dedicated communication network.

iLinc Ratings

Category Score Why
Overall Rating: iLinc's Overall Rating - 3.5 out of 5 Good all around online meeting, presentation, and training tool. Does most things above average. The lack of a dedicated mobile application is limiting.
Usability: iLinc's usability rating - 4 out of 5 iLinc is easy to use as both a meeting manager and attendee.
Audio quality: iLinc's audio quality - 4 out of 5 iLinc’s teleconference and computer audio worked well in our tests.
Video quality: iLinc's video quality - 4 out of 5 iLinc’s video conferencing quality and desktop video quality is above average.
Collaboration features: iLinc's collaboration features rating - 4 out of 5 stars iLinc has some nice collaboration features, including a whiteboard application, breakout rooms, participation indicators and more.
Presentation features: iLinc's presentation features rating - 4 out of 5 stars Good presentation features include desktop sharing, application sharing, and region sharing.
Mobile features: iLinc's mobile application rating - 1 out of 5 stars No native mobile applications for Android, iOS, or Blackberry.

What We Like About iLinc

Shared web browsing -You can walk meeting attendees through your website. Anywhere you click, attendees follow.

Multi-point video – You can choose which attendees you want to view. The attendee who has the floor shows up in a dedicated area of the screen.

Works on the Mac – You can host and attend meetings from a Mac or PC.

Advanced recording features – iLinc has robust recording features that make it easy to record your online meetings. The software also has built-in editing functions.

Application, region, and desktop sharing – The person who has the floor can share specific applications, a designated region of their desktop, or their entire screen. iLinc desktop sharing offers meeting attendees flexibility and privacy.

What We Don’t Like About iLinc

Confusing licensing options – You can use iLinc as a service (starting a $49/mo) or download the software to your own server. There are also several versions of the application designed for specific use cases – e.g. webinars, meetings, remote support, and online learning.

Pricing – Compared to GoToMeeting iLinc can be expensive.

iLinc Features

Pricing You can purchase the software as a service or as a self-hosted application. Pricing and licensing varies significantly.
Free Trial No – you can register for an online demo
Meeting Capacity Varies based on licensing
Desktop Sharing Yes – full desktop, region, and application sharing
Desktop Recording Yes – includes editing features
Web Teleconference Yes – built-in VOIP
Phone Teleconference Yes – teleconference bridge available
Control Granting Yes – you can pass control to meeting attendees
Video Conferencing Yes – multi-point video allows you to select which attendees you want to view
Private Chat Yes – You can have a text chat with anyone on the call
Annotation Tools Yes – advanced annotation and whiteboarding functions


iLinc is a custom web meeting solution that requires professional assistance to setup. If you want a plug and play online meeting tool go with GoToMeeting.

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Reviewed by: Jeremy Palmer
Reviewed on: November 2011