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Online meeting review  is an independent review site helping you make informed decisions about web conferencing software. In addition to our in-depth product reviews we offer helpful online meeting tips and advice that can make you more productive and help you get the most out of your web conferencing products.

Use this website to compare web conferencing applications side by side. When you need more information check out our in-depth reviews. Unlike other review sites we use the products reviewed and recommended on this site. We’ve spent hundreds of hours organizing, conducting and participating in online meetings.

Whether you’re looking to save money on travel, or just need an easier way to collaborate with colleagues and clients – Online Meeting Reviews can help you find the right product. Most of the products we recommend come with free no-risk trials that allow you to test drive the software before committing to a plan.

We use web conferencing software to meet with prospective clients, follow-up with vendors, and manage remote workers from all over the world. We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars by replacing traditional face to face meetings with highly interactive and engaging online meetings.

As small business owners we understand the importance of cash flow and saving money. More importantly we understand that time is your most precious asset. Online Meeting Reviews was developed to help small businesses save time and money by reducing meeting overhead and travel expenditures.

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