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Google Hangouts Review Summary – Google’s coolest online meeting feature is “Google Hangouts”. It’s extremely user-friendly and is also fun to use. Users can start a video conference within seconds. Just requires a plugin installation for the first time and then its ready to go. The best part is its ease of use and good interface.

Pros – It’s free to use. Also, it is browser-based so a user having access to any browser can use it. Its audio and video quality is good. Each session holds upto 10 people using video.

Cons – Inappropriate users during a hangout can’t be terminated from the session, but only be reported. Also, requires restarting of browser at first time use. 

Google Hangouts Online Ratings

Category Score Why
Overall Rating:    3-stars Google Hangouts is a great alternative to larger and informal video-chats. Being cloud-based on Google’s servers, it takes only around 30 seconds to install. Each hangout has its own web-address that makes it sharable and easy to invite people. No need to remember any additional usernames / password as long as users have access to Gmail.
Usability: 3-stars Being from Google’s ecosystem, users have familiarity navigating through the menu-options. Its best part is usability that makes it fun and easy to use.
Audio Quality: 3-stars Audio temporarily disjointed on some occasions, but overall worked well in our testing. 
Video Quality:  3-stars Video streaming stalled sometimes and had trouble resolving. Overall it was good. 
Collaboration features:  3-stars Google loses points in collaboration category as it isn’t as open to software from other providers. 
Presentation features:  3-stars Users have to upload presentations on YouTube in order to share with participants. 
Mobile features:  3-stars No native mobile applications. 

What We Like About Google Hangouts

  • User Experience: It’s usability along-with lesser time-to-action makes it very attractive choice when wanting to video chat with your contact group.
  • No additional usernames and passwords to remember as it work with Gmail.
  • Lack of major downloads and practical interface.


What We Don’t Like About Google Hangouts

  • Inappropriate users can’t be terminated from a session.
  • Doesn’t have inbuilt presentation sharing options, need to upload files on YouTube.
  • It’s not a business-specific tool unlike GoToMeeting, Microsoft Lync and Webex.

Google Hangouts Features

Pricing: Free
Meeting capacity 10 users with video
Desktop Sharing: No
Desktop Recording: No

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