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VIP Voice is an online survey panel operated by the NPD Group. NPD (formerly called as National Purchase Diary) was established in 1967, and is one of the largest market information and advisory services to Fortune 500 companies -across the world.

VIP Voice claims to conduct approximately 12 million surveys annually for nearly 1700 product companies, and has over 3 million users – as members on their panel. (Source: VIP Voice Review).

These members earn rewards and special offers for voicing their opinions about the products that they like and buy – and have a direct impact in influencing the manufacturer’s decision making.

The products come from a broad range of industries like apparels, consumer electronics, entertainment, food and beverages, automobiles, information technology and more.

Location, Registration and Eligibility

VIP Voice operates in United States and Canada.

Signing up is a short and simple process of entering your email ID and answering a few basic questions about yourself. Once you click register, a verification email is sent to your Inbox which you need to confirm, and you are all set to take the surveys.

You can access the surveys either through the email invitations sent to your inbox, or via the Survey Center on the VIP Voice website. The number of survey invitations depend on demographic and therefore varies for each member.

VIP Voice also provides tiered membership with 5 different levels. This means that you are required to fill a set number of surveys in each level, to qualify for the next higher level that offers higher rewards. In other words, the more surveys you fill, the more points you earn.

The registration age limit is 13+ years for both US and Canada residents. Bidland and SweepLand are eligible to US resident 13+ and Canadian residents 18+.

Survey Frequency & Length

VIP Voice sends only one or two surveys per week. Typically, each survey takes anywhere between 5-15 minutes to complete.

Having said that, when you open a survey invite from your email, you don’t really get to know- the length of the survey, how much points you will earn at the end, or whether you are even qualified to take those surveys. You just have to go ahead and hope for the best not to get kicked out midway and end up wasting your time.

Rewards, Payment Process & Minimum Payout

VIP Voice does NOT give cash rewards or cash in PayPal form or gift cards – the way other survey sites do.

Here, you earn VIP Voice points for every survey you take and finish. If you are a beginner, you can earn from 25 points to 200 points per survey.

Note- Some survey qualifications may need you to fulfill minimum survey requirements, like purchasing one or more items that the survey is asking about.

You get VIP Participation Points (if you complete a survey but do NOT qualify), and VIP Qualification Points (if you do both – qualify and complete the survey).

So typically the number of points depend on your current reward level and whether you were qualified to take the survey.

For example: If you are a ‘level 1’ member, you will earn 25 points for participating even if you don’t qualify – as compared to 200 points earned by a ‘level 5’ member for the same.

Similarly, you get 50 points as a level 1 member for qualifying and completing a survey, as against 550 points earned by a level 5 member.

These points can later be used to get various rewards like sweepstakes, retail e-vouchers, gift cards and merchandises. And each point is worth one entry into a SweepLand sweepstakes, or one bid into a BidLand auction.

The points are forfeited only if you remain inactive for six months, in which case your account will be closed.

There is no minimum payout threshold. You can sign Up Now on VIP Voice.

Sweepstakes & Other Reward Opportunities

SweepLand has multiple sweepstakes for a variety of high-value prizes such as cash, electronics and even vacations. You can win HDTVs, ultra thin laptops, wicker patio sets, $5000 cash and trips to tropical destinations.

It also has daily sweepstakes where you can earn upto $100.

Each point you use is considered as a separate entry, which means the more number of points you put in the draw, the better chances of winning. Just like a lottery system the winners are randomly picked, and if you lose – you are forced to part with all the points that you had initially put in that particular sweepstakes.

Another way to use your points is through its auction-style program called BidLand, where you bid for various items or services, and the highest bidder wins the prize. Here, you use the points as currency.

If you’re the winner, the points will be deducted from your account and the item will be sent to you. However, if you lose the bid, the points will be returned back to your account for you to use them elsewhere.

VipVoice also has special offers where you can get upto 40% discount on products you purchase online with your points. Generally, 100 points is equal to $1.

Quick Assessment


  • No charges for registration
  • Legal site
  • Variety of Surveys
  • No minimum point threshold for redeeming rewards
  • Points don’t expire unless you are totally inactive for 6 months
  • Points for participating, even if you are disqualified
  • BidLand points are reimbursed, in case you lose the bid


  • Accepts members from US and Canada only
  • Less number of weekly surveys
  • No cash rewards
  • Sweepstake points are deducted even if you lose the prize
  • Bidding points are difficult to achieve


Vip Voice is a legitimate site for market analysis. The surveys offered are simple and easy to process and the points are guaranteed even if you fail to qualify.

However, if you are expecting to make quick money or win big prizes here, then you are in for a disappointment.

The Sweepstakes just lure you to part with your hard earned points even though everyone knows the chances of winning are super slim. The auction system sounds good, but just to accumulate the required points to place your bid might take years. This hit and miss rewards system and lack of cash option may push you towards other survey sites.

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