Using Video with Web Conferencing

Video Conferencing SoftwareFace to face interaction is an important part of any meeting. Being able to read people’s body language helps you communicate more effectively. Adding video conferencing to your web meeting can make participants feel like they’re in the same room.

Video conferencing has been available to businesses since the early 1980′s. Back then video conferencing technology was extremely expensive, which put it out of reach for most small businesses. When the Internet started taking off in the 1990′s video conferencing became available to the masses. But low bandwidth, low quality hardware, and early video compression made web video more of a novelty than a practical business application.

Fast forward 10 years to 2008 and the video conference landscape is quite different. Broadband is widely available, hardware has improved, and low bandwidth/high quality video compression has made web video a reality.

Video chat is now commonplace. Nearly every instant messaging application, from Gmail to Skype includes video. Web conferencing applications like GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect have built-in video conferencing. Most laptops now come with web cams. Even if your computer doesn’t come with one you can add an external web cam for less than $50.

Video can add a Rover lot of value to your meeting, but in FREE order for it to be effective you need to know how and when to use it. I’ll start by explaining how to use it, then follow up with some advice on when to use it.

What You Need to Start Video Conferencing

Before you can start broadcasting from your desktop cheap jerseys you need to do a quick hardware inventory. Here is a list of recommended equipment for a video cast:

High Quality USB Webcam – this is a no-brainer. You can’t broadcast video with out a web cam. You can use a web cam built-in to your notebook, or purchase an external device from Bun a consumer electronics store like New Egg.

High Quality USB Headset – Rather than rely on the sub par audio of a web cam, which can pick up external noise and make it sound like you’re in a tunnel – I recommend picking up a Sennheiser USB headset optimized for VOIP.

High Speed Internet Connection – I wouldn’t attempt video conferencing on anything less than a 1mb connection.

Once you have the hardware in place you need to select a web meeting platform that supports video. I mentioned earlier that GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect both offer built-in video. It’s important that your video and voice sync up.

Now that I’ve covered the hardware and software requirements, it’s time to talk about how and when to use video in your online meetings.

Best Practices for Using Video in an Online Meeting

Video can make any meeting experience more interactive, but you don’t want to fire up the web cam just because you can. Here are some tips for including video in your next online meeting.

One to many broadcasts – If you’re planning on giving a sales demonstration or training class where you’ll be talking the majority of the time consider adding video to the presentation to let attendees see your face as you talk. This can build trust and make the meeting more engaging.

Small meetings with less than five participants – Video is manageable when only a few people are Conferencing communicating. When you have a half dozen НИКИТЫ participants trying to talk at the same time video becomes too much wholesale nba jerseys of a distraction.

Meeting participants must have a broadband connection – It doesn’t make sense to try and video conference with people on dial-up connections. The video feed would be choppy and the audio quality would be worse than talking on a cell phone in Do a parking garage.

Position the web cam at an optimal angle – Put your web cam above your monitor or within your line of sight. This will make it feel like you’re making eye contact with meeting participants and allow you to look at your screen at the same time.

Keep your background clean and quiet – Avoid distractions by broadcasting from a quiet location that has a static background.

Test the video quality internally before you go live – Before you announce your next big webinar make sure you have the right equipment and connection for web video by doing a test run with a co-worker Tips or friend.

Adding video to your online meetings can create a personalized and interactive experience conference for attendees. Improvements in bandwidth, hardware, video compression, usability and costs has put video conferencing within the reach of every small business.

Just because you can add video to your next web meeting, doesn’t mean you should. Before you start broadcasting ask yourself wholesale mlb jerseys these two questions: 1 – Do I have the right equipment? (hardware/software/bandwidth), and 2 – Will video add value to this discussion? If you answered yes to these two questions consider adding video to your next online meeting.

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