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Mikogo Review Summary:

Mikogo is a decent desktop sharing tool having enough features to assist both hosts and participants in conducting their perfect online meeting or web conference. It is extremely simple and easy-to-use. It is used for a range of personal and professional usage e.g. conducting online meetings, web presentations, product demonstrations, group collaboration etc. Share and organize discussions with up to 25 participants simultaneously. It is a free screen-sharing application with white-boarding abilities. However, it is not suitable for enterprise usage for which we recommend other tools like GoToMeeting, Adobe, Webex etc.



– Absolutely free to use.

– Runs on both Windows and Mac

– Encrypted web conferences, so all of the information you share is protected. Generates unique session ID required for joining a session.

– Doesn’t have any ads, unlike many other free tools.

– High quality screen sharing experience.



– Mac users can’t share specific windows or apps.

– Limited up to small group conferences, as doesn’t support features of a high end application.

– Allows file transfer, but doesn’t specify an easy way where to put on the recipient’s end.

– Suitable only for small meetings.


Mikogo Online Ratings:

Category Score (3/5) Why
Overall Rating: A decent desktop sharing tool having enough features for hosts to conduct their online meetings.
Usability: Has a pleasant and user-friendly interface.
Audio Quality: No audio support.
Video Quality: No video support.
Collaboration features: No collaboration features.
Presentation features: Lacks presentation features.
Mobile features: No native mobile applications.


What We Like About Mikogo:

– It’s a light-weight application and doesn’t require an in-house installation.

– It’s a perfect solution for small and impromptu meetings. Supports up to 25 participants with no installation required from them.

– Allows users to send documents upto 200 MB, which is one of the biggest file-size handled by any other tool.

– Doesn’t have any advertisements, although being free.

– It is easy to learn and has a pleasant, non-intrusive user interface.


What We Don’t Like About Mikogo:

– Limited features: Being a free version, meetings are limited to 10 participants with no audio or video support.

– Lacks collaboration with products like Outlook that users might want to tie-into. Compared to it, other tools like GoToMeeting, Webex etc. provide great collaboration tools.  Also, meeting invitation emails has to be sent manually.

– Some of Mikogo’s features are not available for Mac.

– It is not completely browser-based, so could cause problems for users having firewall restrictions.

– On start of a meeting, only 15 minutes for the first participant to join else the session is terminated.

– It gives an unclear indication that host’s screen is shared. Although a session in progress is shown in system tray, but it might get hidden by Windows. This might lead to accidental closing of the screen.


Mikogo Features:

Pricing: Free to use.
Meeting capacity: 25 attendees.
Desktop Sharing: Yes, gives option to choose which applications to share.
Desktop Recording: No
Control Granting: Yes. Users can share their desktops with the meeting host, also giving the host control over their mouse and keyboard.
Video Conferencing: No
Private Chat: No
Annotation Tools: Yes. Includes white-boarding abilities.


Mikogo Review Summary:

Overall Rating:  (3/5 stars)

Mikogo is a good alternative for those having a need to do web-conferencing or screen sharing with small groups but does not need the features of a high end application. It fulfills basic requirements of users at no cost or advertising. It has robust functionality and an impressive screen-sharing tool available today. Although not suited for enterprise requirements, it does its work at the end of the day.


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