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MegaMeetingMegaMeeting Review Summary: 

MegaMeeting facilitates web-based conferences complete with real time audio, video, and presentation capabilities. MegaMeeting takes a browser-based approach towards web conferencing. This result in avoiding troubles of downloads installations and configurations so as to connect hosts and audiences together with minimum effort. It has impressive video-and-audio integration and one of the best multi-point video display bundlers.

MegaMeeting is available in several pricing plans that allow customers to purchase the number of seats on a monthly basis. For higher end customers, MegaMeeting offers an Enterprise version that provides good features like private branding, allow customers to run the service on their own servers etc. However, its pricing is very complicated for which we recommend GoToMeeting.


– No installation is required for any user.

– Its web conferencing video tools have great usability.

– Customizable tools and features, right from multi-point video display to fully duplex telephony interface.

– Has strict security measures & stronger protection against potential malware/malicious codes through ‘Sandbox Approach’.

– Has high quality video conferencing for up to 16 simultaneous video windows having built-in telephone-conferencing and screen-sharing feature.

– Attendees can participate in a meeting in four ways: videoconferencing, VoIP, standard phone, and text chat.

– Runs on Windows/Mac/Linux

– Two 90 minute training sessions provided



– Data transfer relies heavily upon its own servers, a limiting factor towards flexibility for hosts and audience attendees.

– Has complicated pricing model that consists of purchasing of ‘seats’ for all hosts/attendees along-with limited billing options.

– Screen sharing frame-rate occasionally lagged causing delays and stalled presentations.

– Mac users can’t share specific windows or apps.

– Always need to download extra plug-ins for some features to work.


MegaMeeting Online Ratings:

Category Score (3.5/5)  Why
Overall Rating: MegaMeeting has come out as a great utility for video conferencing. Its quick installation along-with good security measures serves real useful for users.
Usability: Great web conferencing video tools results in good usability. Overall clean and crisp interface.
Audio Quality: Uses secure VoIP for web teleconferencing and also offers a fully integrated toll-free audio service.
Video Quality: High quality video conferencing and up to 16 simultaneous video windows.
Collaboration features: Good collaboration features.
Presentation features: Great presentation features.
Mobile features: MegaMeeting’s mobile apps works well.


What We Like About MegaMeeting:

– MegaMeeting runs on flash-enabled web browser, so nearly everyone can use it to host a meeting. Hosts can quickly initiate meetings, through email messages or direct links. Its unique DNS setup, e.g. “” makes them very professional amongst clients and attendees; along with easy recall. Also, custom skins for meetings helps private branding using corporate color and logos.

– A great feature of MegaMeeting’s professional suite is its complimentary integrated toll conference calling. It greatly simplifies the confusing and time-consuming task of going through affiliate companies to set up traditional telephone conferences.

– Being based upon Adobe’s Flash technology, it operates at the full 128-bit AES encryption and doesn’t collect user information such as personal or financial data.

– It offers around the clock technical support for its Professional licensees.

– Gives all kinds of tools for online meeting like screen-sharing, videoconferencing, VoIP and phone conferencing, simple whiteboards, and text chat.


What We Don’t Like About MegaMeeting:

– Since MegaMeeting is entirely browser-based, recording meetings requires additional plug-ins, many of which have limited proficiency in doing so.

– Mac users have restrictions in sharing specific windows or apps.

– MegaMeeting’s monthly price and setup fees can’t seem to justify the offered features. Their pricing is at higher-end starting at $45/mo for 3 attendees (including the host). Compared to it, GoToMeeting gets you 15 attendees at same $49/month along with no setup charges fees. So, its pricing might become an obstacle for many small and mid-sized businesses in approaching it.


MegaMeeting Features:


– Starts at $45/mo for 3 seats

– The Personal account costs $49 a month for up to five people

– Professional Light account, which costs $100 a month

Free Trial: Yes – 14 Days 
Meeting Capacity:  Unlimited (based on number of seats purchased for the month) 
Desktop Sharing: Yes, requires a plugin. 
Desktop Recording: Yes, requires a plugin. 
VOIP: Yes. 
Control Granting: Yes. 
Video Conferencing: Yes. 
Private Chat: Yes. Private and group chat available. 
Annotation Tools: Yes. Includes all drawing, and other tools. 


MegaMeeting Review Summary:

Overall Rating: 

It is a great utility for hosts seeking mainly video conferencing tools. MegaMeeting handles even complicated audio-and-video conferencing very well. It surely excels over parameters of video conferencing and audio integration.


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