What is the WebEx MediaTone Network?

WebEx Meeting Center ReviewOne of the features that separates WebEx Meeting Center from the competition is the WebEx MediaTone Network. Most web conferencing applications use the Internet as a communication medium, but WebEx Meeting Center leverages a global private network called MediaTone to connect you with conference attendees. This network is 100% owned and operated by WebEx and uses a carrier-switched technology that resembles your phone company’s network.

Think about this question for a minute – when is the last time your phone line went down? I’m not talking about your VOIP line, which relies on the Internet, but your land line. When is the last time you dropped a call when speaking land line to land line?

Now think about this same question as it applies to your Internet connection – when is the last time your Internet died? Does your connection speed vary from time to time? If you had to choose between your VOIP line and a land line to make an important call which one would you choose?

Now think about this question in the context of your online meeting application. If you had an important product demonstration with a big client would you choose a global private network with fail safe backups and dedicated bandwidth, or the Internet?

WebEx realized early on that online meetings require a secure, fast and reliable network. Whether you’re performing a product demo for a prospective client, or collaborating on a project with remote workers, you need the best performance available for your web meetings.

There are three key advantages to using the WebEx MediaTone network: 1. Speed, 2. Reliability, and 3. Security. Let’s explore each of these benefits in more detail.

Web Conference Speed

Sharing documents, applications, and video requires a lot of bandwidth. Having a broadband connection doesn’t guarantee fast multimedia transfer. With the WebEx MediaTone network you can perform the following tasks with confidence:

  • Document collaboration
  • Whiteboarding and annotation
  • File transfers
  • Application sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • VOIP teleconferencing

Web Conference Reliability

You don’t want to take any chances with your online meetings. With the MediaTone network you can rest easy knowing that your WebEx Meeting Center meetings are running on a global private network optimized for real time communications. The MediaTone network operates at a fraction of its total capacity, so it maintains high performance while effectively handling peak usage spikes. The network also offers redundant servers and seamless fail-over, including global site backup.

Web Conference Security

WebEx Meeting Center offers multiple layers of security. All of your communications are encrypted using 128 bit SSL and AES technology. Furthermore, none of your sensitive business data is ever stored on a WebEx computer. WebEx has passed rigorous third-party certifications including the strict ISO-17799 standards.

If you’re business is serious about web conferencing you need the speed, reliability and security offered by the WebEx MediaTone network.