Infinite Conferencing vs. GoToMeeting

Infinite Conferencing:

Infinite conferencing has been in use for over a decade now and focuses on video, audio and webcast conferencing. It stands out for its comprehensiveness in participant support and its significant additional features that give it a good rating. The greatest benefits of Infinite Conferencing include the easy manipulation and enhanced capabilities that guarantee convenience.

Key Points:

Desktop Recording – This is a feature that allows users to choose between full service and On-Demand recording according to their preference.

Teleconferencing – This is where infinite conferencing excels in that there is full duplex links support which allow for effective and limitless communication. Speakers can share whenever they want over secure streaming, web broadcasting and VoIP channels.

Desktop Sharing – People can share their workstations of decide to contribute specific applications.

Transfer Control – This enables users to easily give other attendees the control of some elements like mouse and keyboard and accord them access to some applications or the entire desktop.

Video Conferencing – Is a provision that allows for display of a video on multiple points so that there it is synchronized for all participants. With Infinite Conferencing users can adjust the video frame according to their individual needs.

Drawing Tools – They are conference utilities that allow participants to point, highlight and note items that are being presented in real time.

Chat – It allows for private and public chatting and supports up to 1000 participants, which is greater than other services. Inviting participants is swift, control is easy and there are loads of features to play with.


GoToMeeting is a top choice for many users as it is significant in certain aspects and works well with specific preferences.

Key Points:

Effective – Its quality and standardized features make it a cost effective and easy to use conferencing suite.

Online Conferencing – It is convenient in that meetings are held online hence taking away monotony of a conference room. The performance is also unparalleled in PC and Mac hence very reliable.

Control Transfer – Partners can be granted access to specific applications or given control of the machine in real time.

Collaboration – Users can collaborate on documents, presentations and other utilities with convenience of category and community.

Platform Mobility – Conferencing is support on multiple devices so that users can attend meetings on-the-go via Smartphones and tablets.

Great Performance – In terms of video and audio the service is swift and solid without any disruptions. Attendees are also assured of peace of mind with the defined security features.

Presentation – There are numerous features that allow users to present and demonstrate content live and in real time.

Chat -The meetings can be done with participation of up to 15 members and the meetings can be joined easily without need for additional software.

Additional Tools – There are a variety of options that people can go for including, surveys, polls and reports to complement the presentation. There is also a choice for VoIP and free integrated conferencing.

Trends – The service allows for monitoring of meetings and generating statistics which can be used for better management of multiple accounts.

Compare Online Meeting Software

Online Meeting Service Infinite Conferencing GotoMeeting
Pricing – Per Minute Based Plan

– Flat Rate Plans

– Pay As You Go

$49/month. First Month Free.
Call Quality and Features
Video quality and Features
Collaboration Features
Presentation Features
Mobile Clients iOS/Android
Free Trial Yes – 30 Days 30 Days Free
Standard Meeting Capacity 1000 attendees 25 attendees
Desktop Sharing <img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-2210″ title=”check” src=”http://www see this” alt=”” width=”16″ height=”16″ />
Meeting Recording
24/7 Support
Overall Rating:
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