iMeet vs GoToMeeting


iMeet is a convenient web conferencing platform. It has a good user-interface along-with nice meeting features.

It has good usability that makes it easy to participate in meetings. Also has instant customer support along-with some great personalization features. It is flash based, so it removes the need to download and install any software.

However, it doesn’t support Android mobile clients. Also, meetings cannot be recorded.

Key Points:

– Great usability
– Nice audio and video support
– Public and Private Chat enabled
– Decent presentation features
– Good technical support

In brief, iMeet has found a good place for meetings amongst online users.


GoToMeeting is the top-notch application in the market. It instantly supports 25 people into a meeting that leads to quick results. It is compatible on all leading portable devices i.e. laptop, Android, iPhone/iPad etc.

Has a simple 1-click meeting setup that results in minimum lead time. Also, its omnipresent meeting platform makes it very familiar to attendees.

Key Points:

– Usability: It leads the pack in usability. Has great and intuitive user-interface
– Audio and video performances were rock-solid
– Presentation features: Best-in-class presentation features particularly on Windows OS.
– Collaboration features: Has one of the most promising features.
– Mobile features: Users can take part in meetings from all available mobile devices [iPad, iPhone, or Android device].

Compare Online Meeting Software

Online Meeting Service iMeet GoToMeeting
Pricing – $39/month

– $59/month

$49/month First Month Free
Call Quality and Features
Video Quality and Features
Collaboration Features
Presentation Features
Mobile Clients only iOS iOS/Android
Free Trial 30 Days 30 Days Free
Standard Meeting Capacity 15 attendees 25 attendees
Desktop Sharing No application sharing
Meeting Recording Proprietary
24/7 Support
Overall Rating:
iMeet Review GoToMeeting Review


iMeet has emerged out as a good tool for online meetings. However, GoToMeeting is best choice for online business conferences.