Install GoToMeeting on Android

With GoToMeeting you can attend online meetings and webinars from your Google Android device. Below is a step-by-step guide for installing GoToMeeting on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 1: Create a GoToMeeting Account

GoToMeeting requires an account for meeting organizers and presentersIf you’re a meeting organizer, host, or presenter, you will first need to setup a GoToMeeting account. They offer a 30 day no-risk trial, so you can try it out to see if the online meeting service works for you.

If you already have a GoToMeeting account, or if you’re only attending a meeting, you can skip this step, and proceed to step 2.

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Step 2: Download GoToMeeting from the Android Market

Open up the “Market” application on your Android phone or tablet, and search for “GoToMeeting”.

GoToMeeting Android Marketplace Search

Once you’ve located the application, click on the icon. You’ll then be taken to the product detail page for GoToMeeting, where you can learn more about the online meeting software and read user reviews.

GoToMeeting Product Detail Page

Click the “Install” button, and follow the directions on the installation screen. All you need to do from here is accept their terms of service.

GoToMeeting Terms of Service

Step 3: Join a Meeting or Webinar

Now that GoToMeeting is installed on your Android device, you can open it up and join a meeting or webinar.

Join a meeting or webinar with GoToMeeting on your Android DeviceTo join a meeting you will need to enter your meeting id, name, and email.

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Best Practices for Android Attendees

  • Use a headset – The factory mic on Android phones and tablets tend to pick up more background noise than a high quality headset. You don’t want other meeting participants to suffer through meeting.
  • Use WiFi – It may be tempting to use your phone’s 3G or 4G connection, but I advise against it. You don’t want to eat up your precious bandwidth on a web conference. A fast WiFi connection not only saves you precious bandwidth, but the screensharing will look smoother too.
  • Encourage the host to use a lower resolution – If your meeting host has a display with a super high resolution, you won’t be able to see the fine details of their screen. If the meeting presenter isn’t aware of this, raise your hand and make the recommendation.


As you can see setting up GoToMeeting on an Android device is easy, and takes less than 5 minutes. At this point you can only attend meetings as a participant. Citrix hasn’t added the ability to control and host meetings from mobile devices yet, but this is coming. In fact, the team has said their next major release will include host and moderator features.

Enjoy the freedom of attending an online meeting from anywhere. Once you’ve experienced the flexibility of a mobile meeting, you’ll love your smartphone or tablet even more.

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