GoToMeeting HDFaces

One thing that really stands out about GoToMeeting is the quality of their video and audio service. I found this video on Youtube that illustrates just how good GoToMeeting HDFaces is.

As you can see there are no noticeable delays, flickers, or buffering issues with the video.

What is GoToMeeting HDFaces

GoToMeeting realized that face to face interactions are important. It’s one of the main reasons people setup meetings. In the past, web conferencing software consisted of  voice, text, and screen sharing for collaboration. The key component missing from online meetings was faces.

With HDFaces you can share your webcam with meeting attendees. Up to 6 people can share their webcam at the same time. Anyone with a webcam and broadband Internet connection can participate. HDFaces is included with every GoToMeeting package.

The Benefits of GoToMeeting HDFaces

Being able to share your face, and view the faces of other meeting attendees is extremely valuable. There are several compelling reasons to use HD Video in your next web conference:

Selling with a Personal Touch

Ask any salesperson what the most effective sales medium is, and they would say a face to face meeting. Being able to take your prospects to lunch, or meeting with them at their office, allows you to personalize your sales approach. You can customize your sales pitch, and modify your responses, based on the real-time feedback you’re getting from the clients voice and facial expressions.

But what do you do when your client is on the other side of town, another state, or even different country? You could fly out and do your sales pitch, spending thousands of dollars, and wasting valuable time traveling… or you could setup a GoToMeeting with HDFaces.

GoToMeeting HDFaces gives you the same selling advantage that a face to face meeting does. You can instantly see how effective your presentation is by observing your prospects reactions and subtle facial expressions. You can customize your delivery to keep them engaged, and close the sale.

Team Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits of a live meeting is brainstorming and collaborating with your team members. Getting together with your team in a conference room with a whiteboard can help you leverage the strength of your team for solving problems and coming up with new ideas.

But in today’s world, not everybody is in the same location. If you work in a modern organization, chances are you have some employees and consultants working out of the office, and vendors all over the world.

When an organization is so spread out, it’s important for you to have real meetings, where people feel connected to the group. Setting up a web conference is certainly better than group emails, instant messages, and teleconferences, but it’s not as intimate as a face to face meeting.

With GoToMeeting’s HDFaces, you can keep everyone together. It’s easier to engage your team members, and keep them interested in your discussion, when people can see each other. If you’re relying on voices alone, you won’t know if anybody is even paying attention.

What’s Included with GoToMeeting HDFaces

  • Share your screen and faces at the same time – Load your screen, and activate your webcam to see how people are reacting to your presentation in real time.
  • Smart bandwidth adjustment – GoToMeeting will automatically adjust the quality of the video based on the bandwidth of meeting participants. Even if your on a slow connection, you can still benefit from face to face interaction.
  • No extra equipment is needed – All you need is a webcam and an Internet connection. The software doesn’t require any additional configuration.
  • Organizer controls – You can hide video streams, or request a stream from a meeting participant with a single click. You can mute attendees if there’s too much background noice coming from their location (e.g. a barking dog).
  • Secure and encrypted video communications – GoToMeeting protects video streams using the same advanced encryption methods they use for regular meetings. This gives you confidence to speak freely.

Try GoToMeeting HDFaces in Your Next Meeting

Once you’ve experienced a meeting with HDFaces you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The personal connections you create through HD Video are almost as good as meeting in person.

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