GlobalMeet vs GoToMeeting


GlobalMeet is one of the most recommended web conferencing services available in market today. It belongs to the same company that develops iMeet – PGi.

It has all the essential features that any web user might expect in an online meeting tool. Its user interface is good and decent. Also, it is quite easy to setup a meeting. Have a good quality audio and video output.

Major flaws that we found were that it doesn’t support Android devices. Also its annotation tools are quite weak.

Key Points:

– It is extremely easy w.r.t. usability
– Good audio and video support
– Public and Private Chat enabled
– Pricing options are confusing
– Presentation features works fine
– Provides native applications for iOS

GlobalMeet is fine option for those looking for initial web conferencing.


GoToMeeting is no doubt one of the best online meeting software. In spite of its technology superiority, it is extremely simple to use.

Due to its great usability factor and high reliability, it easily leads the pack.

There are absolutely no disruptions of any kind while using this software. It has good presentation features that make it very easy for attendees to convey their messages. Users can attend meeting from any portable device like iPad/iPhone, Android etc. Facilitates easy meeting recording options and has maximum compatibility.

In brief, it provides best characteristics essential for any online business conferences.

Key Points:

– Usability: Impressive user-interface along-with credible functioning
– Fantastic audio and video performance
– Presentation features: Excellent presentation features especially on Windows based machines.
– Collaboration features: It is a top pick in this category.
– Mobile features: Users can attend meetings from any portable device like iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Compare Online Meeting Software

Online Meeting Service GlobalMeet  GoToMeeting
Pricing – $29/month + 2.9 cents/minute for audio

– $39/month for 1000 minutes for audio

– $49/month for unlimited audio

$49/month First Month Free
Call Quality and Features
Video Quality and Features
Collaboration Features
Presentation Features
Mobile Clients only iOS iOS/Android
Free Trial 30 days 30 Days Free
Standard Meeting Capacity 125 attendees 25 attendees
Desktop Sharing Must install an additional application
Meeting Recording Proprietary
24/7 Support
Overall Rating:
GlobalMeet Review GoToMeeting Review


GlobalMeet can be a good choice for online meetings. GoToMeeting is best choice for successful online business meetings.