Desktop Sharing Tips for Online Meetings

Desktop SharingOne of the biggest benefits of web conferencing is the ability to share your desktop with meeting attendees. With desktop sharing you can deliver a PowerPoint presentation, collaborate on a spreadsheet, train colleagues on a new software application, and perform a product sales demonstration.

Over the past five years I’ve conducted dozens of online meetings where desktop sharing was an integral part of the meeting. Being able to share my desktop over the web has helped me Conferencing communicate clearly with clients, contractors, and vendors. Sometimes it’s easier to get your point across when people can look over your shoulder while you talk.

With most web conferencing applications desktop sharing is straightforward; you simply click a button and within seconds you’re sharing your desktop with meeting participants. Unfortunately, creating an effective desktop presentation that will captivate visitors isn’t as easy as pushing a button.

Here are some desktop sharing tips that will help you get the most out of your next web meeting.

Turn off instant messaging and chat applications – Few things are more embarrassing than a friend sending you a text message about last night’s football game while you’re trying to convince a prospective customer that your software is better than the competition. Do yourself a favor and turn off all instant messaging One and chat windows while you’re conducting a web conference.

Turn your cell phone and other electronic devices on mute – Having a cell phone go off while you’re trying to talk about last quarter’s numbers with investors can throw you wholesale mlb jerseys off your game. Before you go online, Hava take an inventory of all your gadgets and make sure they’re set to silent.

Turn off bandwidth hogging applications – Desktop sharing is bandwidth intensive. You don’t want to be downloading last night’s episode of The Office while trying to collaborate with colleagues on an important spreadsheet. To get the most out of desktop sharing your voice needs to match what people see on your screen. If you’re 10 seconds ahead of everyone you’ll lose their attention.

Maximize bandwidth – Since your desktop is shared over a secure Internet connection you’ll want to allocate as much bandwidth as you can to your online meeting. One of the benefits of using a web meeting application like GoToMeeting is that they use a proprietary high speed network to connect meeting attendees.

Change your resolution to 1024×768 – When it comes to sharing your desktop you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. You might be more productive on your 30 inch Apple Cinema Display, but that 2400×1600 resolution is going to look awfully small on your vendors ultra mobile 10 inch laptop. Large screen displays also consume more bandwidth. This is especially important for meeting attendees on a mobile device.

Remove or hide confidential folders and files from your desktop – Imagine you’re in the middle of a web meeting and you decide to toggle applications. While you’re shuffling windows your client happens to notice your company also works with one of their competitors. This scenario can put you in an uncomfortable position. When conducting a web meeting always take the time to remove sensitive data from your Сруб desktop.

Close applications you don’t need – You don’t want to be in the middle of a sentence and have your machine wholesale mlb jerseys crash because another application ran out of memory. Open the applications you’ll need for the presentation before the meeting starts and shut down all other non-essential applications.

Share a specific application rather than your entire desktop – Web conferencing applications like GoToMeeting allow you to share specific applications, rather than your entire desktop. This gives you flexibility to work on another application in the background without revealing wholesale nfl jerseys what you’re doing to everyone else.

Don’t move too fast – No matter how fast your Internet connection is there will always be some latency between what you see and what other people see. A good rule of thumb is to work 50% slower so that people can see what you’re doing. It’s also important to confirm that attendees are viewing You the same thing you are.

Desktop sharing can help you engage your audience by creating an interactive experience for meeting attendees. Follow these tips to ensure your next desktop collaboration is a success.

Divya Dube

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