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Mobile Meetings with Fuze Meeting

Mobile Meetings with Fuze Meeting

Learn how to setup a mobile meeting with Fuze Meeting

The future of online meetings has arrived. Sitting down in front of a computer monitor to attend a meeting is so yesterday. With Fuze Meeting you can now attend online meetings from your iPhone or Blackberry device.

How many times have you been stuck in traffic, or caught up in another meeting, and realize that you’re running late for an important online meeting? It happens to me every week

Fuze Mobile Meeting is a great online meeting solution for those of us who don’t always work behind our desk, or have to juggle a busy schedule. With mobile meeting you can join an existing meeting or schedule a new meeting with just a few clicks.

Here’s a Quick Run Down of Fuze Mobile Meeting’s Benefits and Features:

Instantly start a meeting and invite attendees from your phone or instant messenger address book.

“Fetch” feature allows you to click a name in your address book and dial them into the meeting effortlessly. No more having to leave the web meeting to round everybody up.

Chat live with contacts from your AOL, Google, MSN, and Yahoo address book.

View presentations and files on the presenters desktop

HD quality screensharing capability. I recommend that you enable your 3G network or get on a WIFI network for the best viewing experience.

Mute any participant on the line by clicking their name. This comes in handy when there’s a lot of background noise on an attendee’s line.

You can approve or disapprove new meeting attendees by simply clicking on their name.

Send secure messages to meeting attendees.

How to Get Fuze Meeting for the iPhone

Just browse to the iPhone application store and type in “Fuze Meeting”. The application is free, so just click on the “install” link to download and install it.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, just sign-in with your username and password. If you don’t have a username and password, go to Fuze Meeting right now and sign-up. They offer a free trial.

How to Get Fuze Meeting for Android

Go to the <a title="Android Market" href="https://market look at” target=”_blank”>Android Market from your phone or computer. Once you’re there search for “Fuze Meeting”. Click the install button.

How to Get Fuze Meeting for the Blackberry

Right now Fuze Meeting is only supported on a handful of Blackberry devices: the Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Storm and the new Blackberry Curve. To get the application, sign-up for a free trial and follow the instructions in the members area.

Fuze Meeting Plans

For a limited time, Fuze Meeting is offering free meeting plans for meetings with 3 attendees or less. This is ideal for small businesses or individuals who only meet with a handful of people at a time. If you need a meeting plan with more attendees upgrade to their standard plan for $29/mo. With the standard plan you can host up to 15 attendees.

We’ve run several meetings through Fuze and have been very satisfied with the quality of the audio and video. We’re also happy to see that Fuze Meeting works on any platform that supports the ubiquitous Flash player (Windows, Mac, and Linux). If you’re looking for a quick and easy meeting solution that you can use from your browser or mobile phone – Fuze Meeting is the answer.

Online Meeting Survey and Infographic

WebEx - The Irony of Meetings

WebEx released an interesting infographic based on a survey of 800 knowledge workers.

WebEx published an interesting infographic this month, illustrating the “irony of meetings“. When done correctly, meetings can be effective for collaboration, sharing, and brainstorming. But when meetings get out of control, they waste time and cause frustration.

WebEx created the infographic based on a survey of 800 workers. Here are some of the most interesting findings:

We Say We Don’t Like Meetings, But Spend a lot of Time in Meetings

9 out of 10 workers prefer to interact in any other way than meetings. Yet we spend more time in meetings than any other form of interaction. We spend more time interacting in meetings than email, telephone, social media, and IM.

What People Don’t Like About Meetings

Common reasons people don’t like meetings include: Nothing getting accomplished, lack of a clear agenda, and the needed people not attending the meeting.

What People Like About Meetings

Despite these annoyances, people do find meetings helpful for some things. For example, people feel that meetings are good for: getting or sharing important information, brainstorming and problem solving, and building relationships.

What Happens When Meetings Get out of Control

Perhaps the biggest problem with meetings is that it stops us from producing. In fact, because of meeting overload people often stay at the office late to finish work, or end up having to take time to work from home, so they can minimize distractions. It’s no wonder that people have such a strong disdain for meetings.

How to Get the Most out of your Online Meetings

Meetings themselves aren’t bad, it’s meetings done poorly that tend to irk us. Here are some tips for mastering your meetings:

  1. Have a Clear Agenda – Don’ even announce the meeting until you have a clear idea of what you want to cover, who you want to attend, and each persons contributions. Make sure that people know what their role in the meeting is too.
  2. Use an Online Meeting Service – Don’t make people commute to your meeting, or go out of their way to attend. An online meeting minimizes the time that people spend away from work, keeps distractions to a minimum, and allows you to record the meeting for those who couldn’t attend. Read our reviews of online meeting services.


There’s no reason meetings have to be a waste of time and productivity. When done correctly, using the right online meeting software, meetings can help you achieve more, connect with others, and come up with better ideas.

GoToMeeting HDFaces

One thing that really stands out about GoToMeeting is the quality of their video and audio service. I found this video on Youtube that illustrates just how good GoToMeeting HDFaces is.

As you can see there are no noticeable delays, flickers, or buffering issues with the video.

What is GoToMeeting HDFaces

GoToMeeting realized that face to face interactions are important. It’s one of the main reasons people setup meetings. In the past, web conferencing software consisted of  voice, text, and screen sharing for collaboration. The key component missing from online meetings was faces.

With HDFaces you can share your webcam with meeting attendees. Up to 6 people can share their webcam at the same time. Anyone with a webcam and broadband Internet connection can participate. HDFaces is included with every GoToMeeting package.

The Benefits of GoToMeeting HDFaces

Being able to share your face, and view the faces of other meeting attendees is extremely valuable. There are several compelling reasons to use HD Video in your next web conference:

Selling with a Personal Touch

Ask any salesperson what the most effective sales medium is, and they would say a face to face meeting. Being able to take your prospects to lunch, or meeting with them at their office, allows you to personalize your sales approach. You can customize your sales pitch, and modify your responses, based on the real-time feedback you’re getting from the clients voice and facial expressions.

But what do you do when your client is on the other side of town, another state, or even different country? You could fly out and do your sales pitch, spending thousands of dollars, and wasting valuable time traveling… or you could setup a GoToMeeting with HDFaces.

GoToMeeting HDFaces gives you the same selling advantage that a face to face meeting does. You can instantly see how effective your presentation is by observing your prospects reactions and subtle facial expressions. You can customize your delivery to keep them engaged, and close the sale.

Team Collaboration

One of the biggest benefits of a live meeting is brainstorming and collaborating with your team members. Getting together with your team in a conference room with a whiteboard can help you leverage the strength of your team for solving problems and coming up with new ideas.

But in today’s world, not everybody is in the same location. If you work in a modern organization, chances are you have some employees and consultants working out of the office, and vendors all over the world.

When an organization is so spread out, it’s important for you to have real meetings, where people feel connected to the group. Setting up a web conference is certainly better than group emails, instant messages, and teleconferences, but it’s not as intimate as a face to face meeting.

With GoToMeeting’s HDFaces, you can keep everyone together. It’s easier to engage your team members, and keep them interested in your discussion, when people can see each other. If you’re relying on voices alone, you won’t know if anybody is even paying attention.

What’s Included with GoToMeeting HDFaces

  • Share your screen and faces at the same time – Load your screen, and activate your webcam to see how people are reacting to your presentation in real time.
  • Smart bandwidth adjustment – GoToMeeting will automatically adjust the quality of the video based on the bandwidth of meeting participants. Even if your on a slow connection, you can still benefit from face to face interaction.
  • No extra equipment is needed – All you need is a webcam and an Internet connection. The software doesn’t require any additional configuration – it just works out of the box try this website.
  • Organizer controls – You can hide video streams, or request a stream from a meeting participant with a single click. You can mute attendees if there’s too much background noice coming from their location (e.g. a barking dog).
  • Secure and encrypted video communications – GoToMeeting protects video streams using the same advanced encryption methods they use for regular meetings. This gives you confidence to speak freely.

Try GoToMeeting HDFaces in Your Next Meeting

Once you’ve experienced a meeting with HDFaces you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The personal connections you create through HD Video are almost as good as meeting in person.

Try GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting vs. WebEx – Customer Satisfaction

When we review online meeting services we go out of our way to measure and evaluate vendors objectively. When we’re comparing features side by side, this is easy to do. But measuring subjective things like audio/video quality, reliability, and customer support is a lot harder to measure.

How You Measure is More Important Than What You Measure

GoToMeeting vs. WebEx

Who has the highest customer satisfaction – GoToMeeting or WebEx? See who came out ahead in our showdown.

To maintain our objectivity, we go outside of our labs to survey and interview other users. We diligently research and analyze other websites and publications too.

For example, if you were to measure customer service based on your own experience, you wouldn’t have enough data to rate the service. I could call GoToMeeting, talk to one of their top customer support reps, and rate them exceptional. I may call WebEx, talk to one of their reps on the firing block, and rate their service as terrible. These two isolated incidents don’t necessarily reflect the overall quality of their customer support and satisfaction.

How We Measure Customer Satisfaction

Here’s an overview of the 4-step process we use to evaluate customer support and satisfaction for online meeting providers:

  1. We follow each brand on Twitter using Hootsuite. We monitor tweets and evaluate responses from each web conferencing vendor.
  2. We read and analyze other website reviews.
  3. We subscribe to online meeting forums, blogs, and social media sites to monitor and analyze conversations about each company.
  4. Personal experience

As you can see, this process is not difficult, but it takes a lot of time to cull all of those sources and do meaningful analysis.

Customer Satisfaction Showdown: GoToMeeting vs. WebEx

We recently re-evaluated all of the online meeting services on this site. We used our reliable four-step process to measure each vendor. We also added some new tools to our arsenal to improve our measurements and analysis. Here’s a breakdown of our latest evaluation:

We follow GoToMeeting and WebEx on Twitter. We see the good, the bad, and the mundane tweets about each company. We also monitor the replies to see how each company responds.

1. Twitter Winner – GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting Support

GoToMeeting's Social Media team is quick to respond to customer comments – both good and bad.

GoToMeeting has an active social media presence. They have a small team of dedicated personnel handling support and customer service on Twitter. When people reach out for help, somebody from the team is there to respond within minutes (in most cases). When customers express trouble or dissatisfaction, GoToMeeting doesn’t shy away – even when their customers are grumpy about something.

GoToMeeting’s tweets are not automated. They’re handcrafted and curated by their social media team.

From what we’ve observed, WebEx also has a dedicated team handling their Twitter account. They use their Twitter persona to respond to customer support issues, promote their product, and share web conferencing tips and ideas. WebEx has an active blog, and they’re constantly sharing useful and interesting content on Twitter.

The WebEx social media team is also actively monitoring customer mentions on Twitter. We’ve seen them provide excellent support and service, however, their response time lags when compared to GoToMeeting. We’ve also noted that some customer support and tweets go unanswered. We’ve also noted that they’re not as likely to respond to a customer who has expressed dissatisfaction.

WebEx appears to use a combination of humans and robots to handle their Twitter account. For example, we’ve seen promotional tweets go out on the weekend and during non-business hours (suggesting a tweet bot), but their support goes dormant during these times.

While neither social media team is perfect, both are head and shoulders above other online meeting vendors. In this particular showdown, we give the edge to GoToMeeting.

2. Website Reviews Winner – GoToMeeting (by a slight margin)

Finding objective reviews of online meeting services is a challenge. Whether we like to admit it or not, every publisher suffers from bias. Sometimes bias comes from personal experience (not objective). In other cases bias comes from advertiser/vendor relationships. Therefore, one must take each individual review with a grain of salt, and aggregate them to come up with an overall score. It’s also important to read comments and discussion from the website’s user community.

In the reviews that we analyzed, 2/3 of the sites rated GoToMeeting higher than WebEx. Our sources included PC Magazine, Top10 Reviews, Cnet, MacWorld, and others. We noted that many of the reviews were very close. In fact, many of the reviews were within a half a point.

GoToMeeting’s victory was not as decisive in this category, but they still came out ahead.

3. Social Media and Community Winner – GoToMeeting


We use Amplicate and Google to determine overall sentiment and customer satisfaction for online meeting services.

Measuring opinions on community and social websites is particularly difficult. First, you have to understand the context behind the post, tweet, or status update. Once you understand the context, you must quantify it as either a positive or negative experience with the company.

In addition to our own research, we use a free tool called Amplicate, which measures love/hate opinions across social media websites. Their algorithm is simplistic, but it’s able to analyze 1000x more data than than our editors .

According to Amplicate, 77% of people “love” GoToMeeting and 59% “hate” WebEx. These scores are based on hundreds of individual social network messages. Amplicate views the world in black and white (or love/hate). Because it’s an algorithm, it doesn’t interpret results with 100% accuracy.

Another way to analyze customer satisfaction is with Google. By typing in queries like “GoToMeeting problem” (491 results) or “WebEx problem” (1,140 results) you can see how many search result pages are returned that include these phrases. Conversely, if you search for “Love GoToMeeting” (1,440 results) and “Love WebEx” (749 results) you can see how many people have mentioned each service in a positive context. As you can see from these results, GoToMeeting has fewer complaints, and more love than WebEx.

4. Personal Experience Winner – GoToMeeting

As real customers of both services, we have personal experiences worth sharing.

The first thing worth noting is the accessibility of customer support. If you visit GoToMeeting’s support website, you will notice two big buttons – one for phone support, and another for live chat. Their support desk is available 24/7.

If you go to the WebEx support website, you will see plenty of help desk articles, and a help ticket submission system, but no phone number or live chat.

Our experiences with both support teams was positive, but we give GoToMeeting the edge because of their accessibility (easy to find support, and 24/7 availability).

Customer Satisfaction and Support Conclusion

Grading subjective factors like customer support and customer satisfaction isn’t easy. In fact, some may disagree with our methodology. But if you apply the same measurement standards and criteria to each service, patterns start to emerge. In our testing, GoToMeeting came out ahead in all four tests.


GoToMeeting Review | WebEx Review

Web Conferencing on Mobile Devices

<a href=" simvastatin 40 mg tablet.jpg”>Mobile Web Conferencing

Discover which web conferencing services offer mobile clients.

The growth of mobile devices and applications has exploded over the last five years. In fact, some experts are predicting that more people will access the web on mobile devices by the year 2015, than with desktop computers.

This technological shift has changed everything. Making products and services available on mobile devices is a top priority for every company. It’s no surprise that leading web conferencing companies are investing millions of dollars, and dedicating their best employees to their mobile products.

Web conferencing and mobile go together like peanut butter and jelly. One of the primary reasons people and organizations gravitate to web conferencing software is mobility. What good is a remote office or offsite meeting if you’re shackled to your desk?

When evaluating web conferencing services it’s paramount to consider their mobile products. Even if mobile meeting applications aren’t important to you, chances are you will have a vendor, customer, or employee who will want to participate from their mobile device.

Web Conferencing Services with Mobile Clients

Here’s a list of top web conferencing services that offer mobile software clients, including device compatibility:

Vendor iOS Android Blackberry
GoToMeeting Yes Yes No
WebEx Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Connect Yes Yes Yes
Fuze Meeting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
iMeet Yes No No
Microsoft Lync No No No
Skype Yes Yes Yes
AnyMeeting No No No
Intercall Yes Yes Yes

As you can see, the big three (GoToMeeting, WebEx Meeting Center, and Adobe Connect) all offer mobile clients on the most popular smartphone platforms. As you might expect, these mobile clients are stripped down compared to their desktop counterparts.

Meeting Attendees

As a meeting attendee, your mobile meeting experience will be similar to the desktop (just smaller). You can use your mobile device to dial-in to the teleconference, or use your WiFi connection for audio, so you don’t use your mobile minutes.

Once you’re logged in, you can view the desktop or presentation of the meeting organizer. You can chat with other attendees, and collaborate.

Meeting Organizers

If you’re a meeting organizer, we recommend sticking with the desktop clients (for now). The mobile web conferencing clients lack features you need to share your screen, record meetings, and control the meeting.

If you just need a simple teleconference, without the need for screen sharing, the mobile client works well.

Let People Know You’re Mobile

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you test out the mobile client for your online meeting provider. This will help you know the capabilities and limitations on each platform. Once you’re up to speed, let your clients, partners, and vendors know they can connect to the meeting from any device, they’ll appreciate the flexibility.

Microsoft Lync vs. Webex

Microsoft Lync Online vs Webex Review

Microsoft Lync:

Microsoft’s latest online meeting service is ‘Lync Online’. Either buy it in a bundle with Microsoft Office 365 or purchase it as a stand-alone product (Microsoft Lync Server) .

However, the purchase options for Lync are confusing unlike WebEx Meeting Center Plans. Also, there is no way to purchase its stand-alone subscription for cloud service. The meetings can’t be recorded either (until unless Lync Server is purchased).

Get Special Pricing For WebEx Meetings

Key Points:

– Microsoft Lync Online is decent for those who are deeply entrenched into Microsoft’s software ecosystem.

– Audio quality, video conferencing and desktop sharing worked well during testing.

– Its user-interface has considerably improved over the time, and is much easier to use than its previous versions. However, it’s not as user-friendly as WebEx Meeting Center and other dedicated online meeting services.

– Collaboration features: It lost its point here as it isn’t as accessible towards other tools. Compared to it, WebEx annotation tools gives clarity to your presentation.

– Presentation features: Being integrated into Microsoft’s Office suite, it’s easy to share powerpoint and other documents.

– No native mobile applications, at time of this review.

WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx Meeting Center Vs Microsoft Lync Review

WebEx has been the de facto choice for enterprise web conferencing software from the past 10 years. It is now most preferred online meeting product from Cisco for small business.

Meeting Center has mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The standard version has ample and decent capacity.

WebEx Meeting Center scores significantly on its interface, layout, feature rich packages and security.

Get Special Pricing For WebEx Meetings

Key Points:

– WebEx has feature-rich web conferencing application. Annotation tools, Meeting options, Change Presenters, Whiteboard, Chat, Outlook integration, Recording, Selective application & file sharing makes it for some great features.

– It has a dedicated audio network that improves the sound quality and reliability significantly.

– Video conferencing looked perfect in our tests. Even the desktop sharing showed why it is known to bring best-in-class video conferencing experience.

– Collaboration features make it a preferred choice for team projects.

– Presentation controls were both easy to use and powerful.

WebEx Meeting Center is a leader in mobile with native apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The mobile app, usage is equally convenient and hassle free.

Let’s take a sneak peak evaluating the two applications. WebEx Meeting Center scores healthier on all essential parameters, a clear representation of Most Preferred Meeting Center available in the current set up.

Microsoft Lync vs. WebEx Meeting Center:

Online Meeting Service Microsoft Lync WebExMeetingCenter
Pricing – $24/per user per month, First month free $24/month, Upto 8 people
Usability 3-stars 4-stars
Call Quality and Features 4-stars 5-stars
Video Quality and Features 4-stars 5-stars
Collaboration Features 2-stars 5-stars
Presentation Features 4-stars 5-stars
Mobile Clients not-featured check iOS/Android/Blackberry
Free Trial check 30 days free check 14 days
Standard Meeting Capacity 250 users 25 attendees
Desktop Sharing check check
Meeting Recording not-featured check Proprietary
24/7 Support not-featured not-featured
Overall Rating: 3-stars 5-stars
Microsoft Lync Review Meeting Center Review

Get Special Pricing For WebEx Meetings

Google Hangouts vs GoToMeeting

Google Hangouts:

It is latest online meeting feature from Google. It’s extremely user-friendly and fun to use. Only requires a plug-in installation for the first time and then users can start using it. Each session holds up to 10 people using video.

Key Points:

  – It’s not a business-specific tool unlike GoToMeeting, Microsoft Lync and Webex.

  – Audio quality and video streaming, although stalled sometimes, worked well during testing.

  – Presentation features: Users can’t share presentations but have to have to upload presentations them YouTube in order to share with participants.

  – Collaboration features: It lost its point here as it isn’t as accessible towards other tools. Compared to it, GoToMeeting annotation tools gives clarity to your presentation.

  – No native mobile applications, at time of this review.



GoToMeeting allows you to meet, present and collaborate with up to 25 people – so as to increase work productivity. Users can participate in meetings from their desktops, iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

Key Points:

  – Usability: Best reliability along-with fastest performance. Supports both PC and Mac

  – Audio and video performances were solid. There were no disruptions at all.

  – Presentation features: Great presentation features especially when on Windows machines.

  – Collaboration features: It’s again our top pick in collaboration category. The annotation tools give clarity to the presentation.

  – Mobile features: Attend meeting from any iPad, iPhone, or Android device, however, the mobile clients are somewhat limited. GoToMeeting has said more features are coming soon.

Compare Online Meeting Software

Online Meeting Service Google Hangouts GoToMeeting
Pricing Free to use $49 First Month Free
Call Quality and Features
Video Quality and Features
Collaboration Features
Presentation Features
Mobile Clients  iOS/Android
Free Trial Free to use  30 Days Free
Standard Meeting Capacity 10 users with video 15 attendees
Desktop Sharing
Meeting Recording  Windows Media
24/7 Support
Overall Rating:
  Google Hangouts Review GoToMeeting Review

Fuze Meeting vs. GoToMeeting

Fuze Meeting:

Fuze allows conducting live meeting from any web browser. Its intuitive user interface is easy to understand and doesn’t require user to download or install additional software. All that is required is a phone line and a flash-enabled web browser.

Has a simple user-interface along with reliable performance. Has instant messenger platform that works with popular chat clients. User can easily import contacts.

Key Points:

– Audio quality and video conferencing worked exceptionally well during our tests.

– It is easier to use both for host and attendees. However, its mobile application is less intuitive than its desktop application.

– It has good collaboration tools; however, some lacking features really counts on its usability.

– Had strong presence under presentation category.

– Has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Users can join a meeting that is already in progress from their iPhone. However, the iPhone software application is not as intuitive as its desktop version.

– Price to value ratio not as strong as GoToMeeting. It charges for basic features like recording and extra audio minutes.

– No meeting recording feature for Personal and Plus plan. Need to upgrade to Professional plan ($69/month) to use this feature.

– Doesn’t have reliable and built-in VOIP feature and is in beta phase. Whereas, GoToMeeting has excellent VOIP feature, thus helping users save a lot of money over long distance calls.

– Have limited annotation tools that don’t work on all devices (iPad, iPhone and Android) and also not during screen sharing. Furthermore, it doesn’t work when another participant takes control of the meeting.


GoToMeeting allows you to meet, present and collaborate with up to 25 people – so as to increase work productivity. Users can participate in meetings from their desktops, iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

It is one of the top choices for many meeting participants because it is superior in certain aspects and it also works very well with particular preferences. 

Key Points:

– Usability: Best reliability along-with fastest performance. Supports both PC and Mac.

– Audio and video performances were solid. Brings best-in-class conferencing to online meetings.

– Presentation features: Great presentation features especially when on Windows machines.

– Collaboration features: It’s again our top pick in collaboration category. Its great annotation tools give clarity to the presentation along-with providing ease in passing control to other attendees.

– Mobile features: Attend meeting from any iPad, iPhone, or Android device, however, the mobile clients are somewhat limited. GoToMeeting has said more features are coming soon.

– Lovely presentation features, especially on windows machines.

– Users can attend meeting from any iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Compare Online Meeting Software:

Online Meeting Service Fuze Meeting GoToMeeting

– $29 (Personal Plan)

– $49 (Plus Plan)

– $69 (Professional Plan)

$49/month. First Month Free.
Call Quality and Features
Video Quality and Features
Collaboration Features
Presentation Features
Mobile Clients iOS/Android iOS/Android
Free Trial 14 Days Free 30 Days Free
Standard Meeting Capacity

– 25 attendees

25 attendees 
Desktop Sharing     
Meeting Recording  only on Professional plan  Windows Media 
24/7 Support     
Overall Rating:     
  Fuze Meeting Review  GoToMeeting Review 

GoToMeeting on iPad

GoToMeeting is the most practical and easiest way to be present at online events – and now you can take it to go! Download the free app and be a part of online conference on your iPad in a few moments just by hitting the weblink in your invitation e-mail. View presentations, style mockups, excel spreadsheets, reports – whatever conference speakers discuss on-screen.

Read GoToMeeting Review here

GoToMeeting has superior video quality than other systems out there – and it has little to do with quality as that is mostly about information and hosting server potential, but rather its efficient auto-adjustment of it video streaming quality.



– Be present at online events wherever you are – at no cost.

– Be a part of events by just hitting a weblink in an email.

– View demonstrations, mockups and reviews – whatever the speaker shares on-screen.

– Touch-to-zoom-content capability.

– Change between portrait and landscape.

– See who is organizer, who is presenting and who else is participating.

– Get connected to audio through your iPad or using your phone.


How to join a meeting?

You do not need to purchase an account to use GoToMeeting on iPad. Download the free GoToMeeting app. Follow below methods to be a part of a meeting:

– Open the weblink in the invitation e-mail and then follow the instructions.

– Tap the GoToMeeting daisy icon on your iPad and fill-in the Meeting ID provided by the meeting organizer.

Upon joining, you’ll automatically get connected to audio through your internet connection.

– Use the mic and speakers in your iPad.

– Connect earphones into your iPad.

– Switch in to the business contact using your cellphone.

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-2031" title="gotomeeting_ipad (4)" src="×225.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="225" srcset="×225.jpg 300w, http://www click here for×300.jpg 400w, 480w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />  

Want to host a meeting?

GoToMeeting app allows you to use your iPad to join meetings organized on a Mac or PC by anyone with a GoToMeeting account.

Use GoToMeeting to organize your meetings.

Try GoToMeeting now