vs GoToMeeting is a simple web meeting and desktop sharing application. It has good usability along-with some great features.

This software is very easy to use with no troubleshooting manuals or FAQ manuals required. It provides a share-able link that allows users to participate in a meeting. It is flash-based, so it removes the need for installing software.

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MeetingBurner vs GoToMeeting

Meeting Burner:

Meeting Burner is a lightweight online conferencing application. It is web-based and works on both Mac and PC.

The user-interface is simple and easy to use. Owing to its easy navigation, the effort required to setup and run the application is minimal. There are absolutely no difficult nomenclatures for users to deal with.

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Infinite Conferencing vs. GoToMeeting

Infinite Conferencing:

Infinite conferencing has been in use for over a decade now and focuses on video, audio and webcast conferencing. It stands out for its comprehensiveness in participant support and its significant additional features that give it a good rating. The greatest benefits of Infinite Conferencing include the easy manipulation and enhanced capabilities that guarantee convenience.

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Yugma vs. GoToMeeting


Yugma is a web-based video conferencing tool that downloads & installs instantly on user’s machine. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Yugma supports Skype integration along-with free teleconferencing. Yugma also has whiteboard feature.

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GoToMeeting on iPad

GoToMeeting is the most practical and easiest way to be present at online events – and now you can take it to go! Download the free app and be a part of online conference on your iPad in a few moments just by hitting the weblink in your invitation e-mail. View presentations, style mockups, excel spreadsheets, reports – whatever conference speakers discuss on-screen.

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Fuze Meeting vs. GoToMeeting

Fuze Meeting:

Fuze allows conducting live meeting from any web browser. Its intuitive user interface is easy to understand and doesn’t require user to download or install additional software. All that is required is a phone line and a flash-enabled web browser.

Has a simple user-interface along with reliable performance. Has instant messenger platform that works with popular chat clients. User can easily import contacts.

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Google Hangouts vs GoToMeeting

Google Hangouts:

It is latest online meeting feature from Google. It’s extremely user-friendly and fun to use. Only requires a plug-in installation for the first time and then users can start using it. Each session holds up to 10 people using video.

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Microsoft Lync vs. Webex

Microsoft Lync Online vs Webex Review

Microsoft Lync:

Microsoft’s latest online meeting service is ‘Lync Online’. Either buy it in a bundle with Microsoft Office 365 or purchase it as a stand-alone product (Microsoft Lync Server) .

However, the purchase options for Lync are confusing unlike WebEx Meeting Center Plans. Also, there is no way to purchase its stand-alone subscription for cloud service. The meetings can’t be recorded either (until unless Lync Server is purchased).

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Web Conferencing on Mobile Devices

Mobile Web Conferencing
Mobile Web Conferencing

Discover which web conferencing services offer mobile clients.

The growth of mobile devices and applications has exploded over the last five years. In fact, some experts are predicting that more people will access the web on mobile devices by the year 2015, than with desktop computers.

This technological shift has changed everything. Making products and services available on mobile devices is a top priority for every company. It’s no surprise that leading web conferencing companies are investing millions of dollars, and dedicating their best employees to their mobile products.

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What is the WebEx MediaTone Network?

WebEx Meeting Center Review

WebEx Meeting Center ReviewOne of the features that separates WebEx Meeting Center from the competition is the WebEx MediaTone Network. Most web conferencing applications use the Internet as a communication medium, but WebEx Meeting Center leverages a global private network called MediaTone to connect you with conference attendees. This network is 100% owned and operated by WebEx and uses a carrier-switched technology that resembles your phone company’s network.

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