The Best Audio for Web Conferencing

The Best Audio for Web ConferencingSmall businesses can save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year by switching from a plain old telephone service to the latest voice over IP plan.

The benefits of using VOIP are compelling:

– Free or low cost long distance
– Free features like caller id, call waiting, 3-way calling, and voicemail
– You can choose your own area code

VOIP service costs a fraction of a traditional phone line and gives you increased flexibility, but there are also some drawbacks to consider:

– Voice quality is lower than a traditional phone system
– Bandwidth dependent – You need a fast cheap jerseys and reliable internet connection. When your Internet connection dies, so does your phone line.
– Power dependent – When the power goes out, so does your phone system
Over the last 5 years I’ve gone back and forth between a traditional phone line and VOIP service. Today we use both… let me explain.

When it comes to features and price you can’t beat VOIP. We’re currently using Vonage You to make long distance calls, and collaborate with clients. 99% of the time you can’t tell the difference between our VOIP line and regular Kedisi telephone line.

When 99% isn’t good enough we fall back on our traditional phone line. When we’re doing a cheap MLB jerseys webinar with thousands of attendees or trying to close the deal on a conference call with clients in two continents, you need a line you can count on 100% of the time.

For example, I was recently interviewed over w4l3XzY3 the phone by a top Internet Marketing publication. Ten minutes before the interview the power in my office went out – some idiot with a backhoe cut the power to half the city. Luckily I had given the interviewer my regular telephone number, so the call went on as planned. If I had given him the number to my VOIP line the call never would have happened.

A few months later I was conducting a webinar training with dozens of students. 15 minutes before the scheduled event our Internet service went down. I consultation? was able deliver the webinar without a hitch thanks to my plain old telephone line, laptop, and mobile broadband card. I could have attempted to use a VOIP service like Skype using my laptop using and mobile broadband card, but the call quality would have been terrible.

Some web conferencing applications, like WebEx MeetMeNow offer built-in VOIP. This allows attendees to participate in the teleconference with a broadband connection and PC microphone.

MeetMeNow runs over a proprietary high speed network called MediaTone, which makes high quality and secure VOIP cheap jerseys calls possible. Other web conferencing platforms like Adobe Acrobat Connect relay VOIP connections over the Internet, which can lower voice quality.

A regular telephone line will always offer the best audio experience for online meetings, but you will save money by using VOIP and the call quality is almost as good. Here’s my rule of thumb:

If you’re conducting a run-of-the-mill meeting with employees, contractors, or existing clients use VOIP. It will save you money and nobody will be able to tell the difference (unless you have a slow Internet connection).

If you’re conducting an important sales call, training demo, live interview, or webinar don’t leave anything to chance, use a traditional phone line. You’ll get the best call quality and won’t be subject to power and ISP outages.

Having a traditional phone line and VOIP line in the same office saves us thousands of dollars a year and gives us rock solid reliability. It’s a little more expensive than having just one service, but the peace of mind and flexibility is worth it.

Divya Dube

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