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Divya Dube is a writer at onlinemeetingreviews.com. It's almost a decade since she has been connecting and experimenting with online marketing & tools that help increase revenue & productivity. Before picking any kind of software or gadget for use or suggestion, she compares all the features with its counterparts and ensures it serves the desired purpose. She is also a gadget freak, a traveller, loves chocolates & music and has an immense passion for writing.

Desktop Sharing Tips for Online Meetings

Desktop SharingOne of the biggest benefits of web conferencing is the ability to share your desktop with meeting attendees. With desktop sharing you can deliver a PowerPoint presentation, collaborate on a spreadsheet, train colleagues on a new software application, and perform a product sales demonstration.

Over the past five years I’ve conducted dozens of online meetings where desktop sharing was an integral part of the meeting. Being able to share my desktop over the web has helped me Conferencing communicate clearly with clients, contractors, and vendors. Sometimes it’s easier to get your point across when people can look over your shoulder while you talk.

With most web conferencing applications desktop sharing is straightforward; you simply click a button and within seconds you’re sharing your desktop with meeting participants. Unfortunately, creating an effective desktop presentation that will captivate visitors isn’t as easy as pushing a button.

Here are some desktop sharing tips that will help you get the most out of your next web meeting.

Turn off instant messaging and chat applications – Few things are more embarrassing than a friend sending you a text message about last night’s football game while you’re trying to convince a prospective customer that your software is better than the competition. Do yourself a favor and turn off all instant messaging One and chat windows while you’re conducting a web conference.

Turn your cell phone and other electronic devices on mute – Having a cell phone go off while you’re trying to talk about last quarter’s numbers with investors can throw you wholesale mlb jerseys off your game. Before you go online, Hava take an inventory of all your gadgets and make sure they’re set to silent.

Turn off bandwidth hogging applications – Desktop sharing is bandwidth intensive. You don’t want to be downloading last night’s episode of The Office while trying to collaborate with colleagues on an important spreadsheet. To get the most out of desktop sharing your voice needs to match what people see on your screen. If you’re 10 seconds ahead of everyone you’ll lose their attention.

Maximize bandwidth – Since your desktop is shared over a secure Internet connection you’ll want to allocate as much bandwidth as you can to your online meeting. One of the benefits of using a web meeting application like GoToMeeting is that they use a proprietary high speed network to connect meeting attendees.

Change your resolution to 1024×768 – When it comes to sharing your desktop you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. You might be more productive on your 30 inch Apple Cinema Display, but that 2400×1600 resolution is going to look awfully small on your vendors ultra mobile 10 inch laptop. Large screen displays also consume more bandwidth. This is especially important for meeting attendees on a mobile device.

Remove or hide confidential folders and files from your desktop – Imagine you’re in the middle of a web meeting and you decide to toggle applications. While you’re shuffling windows your client happens to notice your company also works with one of their competitors. This scenario can put you in an uncomfortable position. When conducting a web meeting always take the time to remove sensitive data from your Сруб desktop.

Close applications you don’t need – You don’t want to be in the middle of a sentence and have your machine wholesale mlb jerseys crash because another application ran out of memory. Open the applications you’ll need for the presentation before the meeting starts and shut down all other non-essential applications.

Share a specific application rather than your entire desktop – Web conferencing applications like GoToMeeting allow you to share specific applications, rather than your entire desktop. This gives you flexibility to work on another application in the background without revealing wholesale nfl jerseys what you’re doing to everyone else.

Don’t move too fast – No matter how fast your Internet connection is there will always be some latency between what you see and what other people see. A good rule of thumb is to work 50% slower so that people can see what you’re doing. It’s also important to confirm that attendees are viewing You the same thing you are.

Desktop sharing can help you engage your audience by creating an interactive experience for meeting attendees. Follow these tips to ensure your next desktop collaboration is a success.

The Best Audio for Web Conferencing

The Best Audio for Web ConferencingSmall businesses can save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year by switching from a plain old telephone service to the latest voice over IP plan.

The benefits of using VOIP are compelling:

– Free or low cost long distance
– Free features like caller id, call waiting, 3-way calling, and voicemail
– You can choose your own area code

VOIP service costs a fraction of a traditional phone line and gives you increased flexibility, but there are also some drawbacks to consider:

– Voice quality is lower than a traditional phone system
– Bandwidth dependent – You need a fast cheap jerseys and reliable internet connection. When your Internet connection dies, so does your phone line.
– Power dependent – When the power goes out, so does your phone system
Over the last 5 years I’ve gone back and forth between a traditional phone line and VOIP service. Today we use both… let me explain.

When it comes to features and price you can’t beat VOIP. We’re currently using Vonage You to make long distance calls, and collaborate with clients. 99% of the time you can’t tell the difference between our VOIP line and regular Kedisi telephone line.

When 99% isn’t good enough we fall back on our traditional phone line. When we’re doing a cheap MLB jerseys webinar with thousands of attendees or trying to close the deal on a conference call with clients in two continents, you need a line you can count on 100% of the time.

For example, I was recently interviewed over w4l3XzY3 the phone by a top Internet Marketing publication. Ten minutes before the interview the power in my office went out – some idiot with a backhoe cut the power to half the city. Luckily I had given the interviewer my regular telephone number, so the call went on as planned. If I had given him the number to my VOIP line the call never would have happened.

A few months later I was conducting a webinar training with dozens of students. 15 minutes before the scheduled event our Internet service went down. I consultation? was able deliver the webinar without a hitch thanks to my plain old telephone line, laptop, and mobile broadband card. I could have attempted to use a VOIP service like Skype using my laptop using and mobile broadband card, but the call quality would have been terrible.

Some web conferencing applications, like WebEx MeetMeNow offer built-in VOIP. This allows attendees to participate in the teleconference with a broadband connection and PC microphone.

MeetMeNow runs over a proprietary high speed network called MediaTone, which makes high quality and secure VOIP cheap jerseys calls possible. Other web conferencing platforms like Adobe Acrobat Connect relay VOIP connections over the Internet, which can lower voice quality.

A regular telephone line will always offer the best audio experience for online meetings, but you will save money by using VOIP and the call quality is almost as good. Here’s my rule of thumb:

If you’re conducting a run-of-the-mill meeting with employees, contractors, or existing clients use VOIP. It will save you money and nobody will be able to tell the difference (unless you have a slow Internet connection).

If you’re conducting an important sales call, training demo, live interview, or webinar don’t leave anything to chance, use a traditional phone line. You’ll get the best call quality and won’t be subject to power and ISP outages.

Having a traditional phone line and VOIP line in the same office saves us thousands of dollars a year and gives us rock solid reliability. It’s a little more expensive than having just one service, but the peace of mind and flexibility is worth it.

How Much Do You Spend on Remote Meetings

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-399" title="Cost of Meetings" src="https://onlinemeetingreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/cost-of-meetings simvastatin generic name.jpg” alt=”Cost of Meetings” width=”300″ height=”299″ srcset=”https://onlinemeetingreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/cost-of-meetings.jpg 300w, https://onlinemeetingreviews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/cost-of-meetings-150×150.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />The cost of oil has skyrocketed over the last 12 months. It’s hard to watch a newscast or pick up a newspaper without hearing or home reading about the surge in oil prices. The increase wholesale jerseys in oil and energy prices has had an impact on nearly every business. Nobody has been hit harder than the travel industry.

As the cost of oil continues to rise so UP does the cost of airline tickets, cab fares and other travel related expenses. Widespread increases in travel expenditures have hit small businesses particularly hard.

Meeting with prospective clients, existing customers, and remote employees is essential – and often expensive. Here’s a quick look at 2008 travel expenses.

Cost of Flight:

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics the average cost of a domestic flight is $332. This is the highest average fare recorded in the 15 years the agency has been tracking this statistic.

Cost of a Taxi:

Cab fares vary widely by city and distance. For the sake of simplicity let’s pretend you’re catching a cab from JFK in New York to Midtown Manhattan. Taxi Fare Finder says this ride will cost about $53 – this doesn’t include a tip. You’ll need a ride back to the airport, so we’ll need to double that figure to $106.

Cost of a Hotel:

You just traveled from LA to NYC (5 hour flight) so you’re going to have to stay the night – even if you only запасом have one meeting planned. A decent hotel in New Midtown is going to cost you at least $350/night.

Cost of Food:

I’ve been to New York twice and spent about $100/day on food. Unless you plan on eating out of a vending machine you can say goodbye to another c-note.

Let’s add it up

Airfare = $332
Hotel = $350
Taxi = $106
Food = $100

Total travel costs = $888 (conservative)

$888 for a one day trip! Your costs could easily double wholesale jerseys if you stayed a few more days. None of these estimates included taxes, gratuities, or other incidentals.

Save Thousands of Dollars a Year with Web Conferencing

Having high touch meetings with clients, customers, hoping and employees is an important part of running a business. Sometimes you need more than e-mail, phone and chat to close a deal, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags and hop on a plane.

Today’s web conferencing applications allow you to have personalized meetings with people all over the world. You’ll not only save thousands a year in travel, but you’ll also save precious time.

For example, I use GoToMeeting to connect with clients, vendors, and remote workers all over the world. GoToMeeting has built-in desktop sharing, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing. The application is so seamless I often feel like we’re all in the same room when we have a web meeting.

I pay $49/mo for unlimited meetings that can host up to 15 people at a time. I can connect with people on the opposite side of the globe with nothing more than a laptop and Internet connection. I don’t even need a phone, I can just plug a headset cheap jerseys into my laptop and use the built-in VOIP to teleconference.

I’m based in Salt Lake City, Utah and work with client all over the United States and manage remote workers in the Philippines and India. As much as I like to travel I don’t have the time or the money to jetset across the country every time I acquire a new client or hire a new developer in Asia.

Take a minute to write down your travel expenses from wholesale jerseys the last year. Does it exceed $49/mo? If so, you should strongly consider test driving a web conferencing application like GoToMeeting. You’ll quickly find that you can have effective meetings without draining your bank account and getting jet lag.