9 Things You Can Do with Web Conferencing

Business People Attending Web ConferenceWeb conferencing is a quick, efficient, and affordable way to have high touch meetings and deliver interactive presentations. Here is a short list of things you can do with web conferencing:

1. You can conduct online meetings with prospects, clients, employees, vendors and colleagues. Web conferencing provides a number of advantages over traditional face to face meetings and teleconferences. Web meetings will never take the place of face to face meetings, but meeting online is cheaper, saves travel time, and is location independent. Online meetings offer more interaction than teleconferencing. Top tier web conferencing programs support video, desktop sharing, and other types of rich digital media.

2. Provide customer support – Web conferencing applications can help you provide support by allowing support personnel to share their desktops with your customers. Many web conferencing providers also have remote control capabilities, which can help your support team resolve problems faster.

3. Train your employees and clients – Forget about securing a meeting room and expensive overhead projector for your next training event. With web conferencing you can provide hands on training 24/7 to anyone, regardless of their location.

4. Lead generation events – Nothing can produce a list of red hot leads faster than a high value webinar. Once you’ve got the leads in the funnel you can start the sales process.

5. Collaborate on documents – Before online meeting software came along document collaboration was difficult and error prone. In the past you would make changes to a document, create annotations explaining the changes, then e-mail the document to a colleague for review. They would open it up, make edits, and send it back. With web conferencing you can team up on a document as if you were sitting in the same room looking over each other’s shoulder.

6. Record meetings – Have you ever head the expression? – “When all is said and done, more is said than done.” This is one of the primary reasons people have a strong distaste for meetings. With web conferencing software you can record the screen and the audio from your online meetings. This gives you a record of what was said, so that you can ensure things get done.

7. Manage remote workers – Globalization is changing the way companies do business. It’s not uncommon for a business to have workers in different timezones, countries, and continents. Syncing up with your global work force is important, but it’s not cost effective to fly to Mumbai every time you need an update on a software project. Long distance phone calls to Manila can also be expensive. Cut your long distance bill and travel budget by using an application like MeetMeNow to have a VOIP enabled web conference.

8. Reduce your carbon footprint – A nice side effect of online meetings is that they have less of an impact on the environment than traditional meetings. According to WebEx, you can save 2,690 pounds of carbon dioxide by moving your sales presentation online.

9. Create a company help desk – I mentioned earlier that you can use web meeting applications to troubleshoot your customer’s technical support issues. Why not extend this same support to your employees. Don’t send your tech support people down to HR next time Janet has a problem with Excel – just fire up your web meeting software and handle it from the comfort of your own desk.

This is just a small sample of things you can do with web conferencing software. The only limit on what you can accomplish is your own ingenuity.

Divya Dube

Divya Dube is a writer at onlinemeetingreviews.com. It's almost a decade since she has been connecting and experimenting with online marketing & tools that help increase revenue & productivity. Before picking any kind of software or gadget for use or suggestion, she compares all the features with its counterparts and ensures it serves the desired purpose. She is also a gadget freak, a traveller, loves chocolates & music and has an immense passion for writing.