15 Reasons to Use Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

In the world of business, communication is a renowned, no substitute tool necessary for a growing online business. There are different ways of passing information to customers and business partners which is undoubtedly one of the vast advantages of recent technology..

Cisco WebEx, known before as WebEx Communication, is one of the fascinating 21st century technology highlights, achieved in the field of business and communication.

Cisco WebEx offers users online meetings, video conferencing, web conferencing, and so on. Below are reasons why to use Cisco WebEx Meeting Center.

1. Stress-free hosting of meetings

WebEx offers online marketers the capability of having unhindered control over a hosted meeting between you and your business partners. All you need do is to locate the Meeting window feature.

It provides a platform for users to control all aspects of the meeting.

It also allows your business partners to text, transfer video, share information and communicate with each other using documents, presentations, and much more.

2. Easier to join

There are numerous ways to join an online meeting on Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. The easiest and fastest method is by clicking the meeting URL you receive through an email invitation or instant message from the host.

Below is a quick reference guide to join a meeting:

  • Locate the navigation bar, click on browse meetings calendar
  • On the meeting calendar, select the meeting that you want to attend
  • Click on join and fill any requested information
  • Click join now, a meeting window should appear

3. Using the meeting calendar is simple

WebEx offers a meeting calendar on the meeting center website which provides succinct information on all listed meetings scheduled either on the current date or any other date.

It also works for meetings already in progress. It does not, however, show information about unlisted meetings.

4. Audio conference option

The integrated call-in teleconference is a highlight on Cisco WebEx Meeting Center which you can’t find on any other platform.

It offers the ability to join an online meeting just by calling the participant’s phone number.

It automatically brings the number to call in a message box when the user joins the meeting.

5. Fully secured meeting

The security of your meeting is a priority to WebEx. It provides a security feature which enables users to avoid intruders for a scheduled meeting.

The host sets the security measures which must be fulfilled by participants of the meeting before you can join the meeting.

You can set a password or require participants to have a user account on your site to join the meeting. Thus, participants must sign in to your site before they can attend the meeting.

This blocks out any form of meeting invasion or override.

6. Schedule a Personal Conference

The Personal Conference is a great feature on Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. It provides users with an audio portion coupled with an online portion.

Start the audio conference first, and as soon as it starts, the online segment is automatically created on your WebEx service site.

It can be extremely useful when you are in urgent need to share a presentation, files, or application.

7. Use WebEx Audio

WebEx Audio is a prominent feature to try out on Cisco WebEx Center. It offers users an option of using your telephone or computer to communicate in your meeting.

The telephone option allows users to use a telephone to receive a call for the audio segment of the meeting or to dial in, while the computer allows you to use a headset connected to your computer to join the audio portion of the meeting.

Some users find it difficult to use as it is always accompanied with a noisy transmission, or an irregular voice stream since there are lot participants that will be communicating at the same time, but the fact that it’s free makes it cool.

8. Integrated Voice Conference

An Integrated Voice Conference is an upgraded and superior version of WebEx audio. It comes with additional features which give participants the ability to speak to each other using a Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Voice Over Internet Protocol is an internet-oriented way of connecting through the computer for participants who are miles apart and do not want to be burdened with long distance phone charges.

It offers better audio quality and greater convenience. All you need is a computer headset with a high-quality microphone.

9. One click send and receive video

Install a video camera and start maximizing the send and receive video feature on your WebEx. It gives participants in a meeting the option to see each other and whatever each participant is focusing on.

Cisco WebEx provides a high-definition (HD) quality video with up to 720p resolution.

The technology automatically enhances video to the highest quality for each participant according to their computer capabilities and network bandwidth. It’s a cool feature to try out for your next meeting.

10. Single click instant meetings

This is another standout feature on Cisco WebEx. It is designed for online marketers who are always on tight schedules and lose track of time easily.

Make your default setting for One-Click instant meetings. This setting allows users to get on a scheduled meeting instantly as stated earlier.

Below are a few guidelines to set up One Meeting
Click –

  • Log in to your WebEx Service website
  • Select My WebEx, Productivity Tools Setup
  • Choose the One-Click Setup page which appears and specify the default option for your instant meeting
  • Select options for your audio connection, too, and enjoy the feature

11. Record meetings

This is a significant feature that allows users to view and manage meeting recordings. Meetings are recorded on the server and are automatically added to your My Recorded Meetings page.

You can also transfer recordings of meetings that were recorded to your local computer. Here is a step by step process on how to manage your recordings:

  • Log in to your WebEx Meeting Center service website
  • Search on the left navigation bar under host meeting
  • Click My Files, My Recordings
  • The My Recorded Meetings page appears, showing your recording files

12. Share content

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center allows numerous types of content to be shared with your business partners. It includes sharing of files such as video clips, documents or slide presentations.

Participants can also view shared files in their content viewers without using the application with which it was designed by the host.

13. You can conduct a poll

Design a questionnaire to conduct a poll. The take a poll feature addresses the need to have a consensus or agreement on an important issue in an online meeting.

Conducting a poll is essential for collating decisions from participants, allowing participants to vote on a proposal, testing participant understanding of a topic, and so on.

Below are a few steps on how to create a poll questionnaire:

  • Click on the Polling panel in a meeting
  • In the Question section, select one of these question types
  • Click New and type a question in the box that appears
  • In the Answer section and click on Add. Type an answer in the box that appears

14. Easy to manage and take notes

On the Notes or Closed Caption panel in the Meeting window is a segment where you can select a participant to manage and take notes during a meeting.

The feature allows the selected single note taker to publish notes at any time during the meeting or send meeting recordings.

Only one participant can take the responsibility to publish their notes to others during the meeting.

15. My WebEx gives smooth access to your account

My WebEx is an area on the Cisco WebEx site where you can access your user account and some attributed personal features. Some of the features made available include;

  • Personal list of meetings, which displays a list of all of the online meetings that you are hosting and attending
  • Productivity Tools Setup, which allows you to set up options for instant or scheduled meetings


Using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is an experience in itself. Not only it is feature-rich but totally effortless and extremely easy to use.

Try it for yourself to see why it scores over some of the best in its space.